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Doodle Your Days: Quirky Bullet Journal Artistry

A fountain pen with doodles all over the page

Ever felt like your bullet journal is just a tad too plain or uninspiring? You’re definitely not alone in that boat! Research indeed suggests that the simple act of doodling can give those blank pages some much-needed zest.

This article will show you how to take bullet journal doodle ideas from basic journal doodles and add pops of personality and creativity to your bullet journal with unique and fun doodle ideas. Eager to give your best bullet journaling practice doodling routine an exciting twist? Let’s jump right into it!


Key Takeaways

  1. Doodling in bullet journals enhances creativity, focus, and serves as self-expression.
  2. Key doodle supplies for bullet journaling include pencils, dual-tip pens, colored pencils, fine-tip drawing pens, and an eraser.
  3. Popular doodle themes are flora, animals, lifestyle symbols, food and fruits, along with seasonal and holiday images.
  4. Types of interactive doodles to spice up bullet journal pages can be banner-style or weather-themed sketches.
doodle drawing of a Llama that says No Drama Llama

The Art of Doodling in Bullet Journals

Doodling in bullet journals isn’t just about creating cute drawings. It’s a potent tool that sparks creativity, improves focus, and provides a unique method of self-expression. The idea is simple: you casually sketch on the blank pages of your bullet journal while letting your mind wander freely.

It doesn’t require much artistic skill to begin doodling in bullet journals either. You can start with basic shapes likecircles, lines, or curves and slowly evolve into more complex designs such as intricate floral patterns or adorable animal figures.

Popular choices include flower doodles, cactus doodles, leaf doodles, and food-themed sketches.

This spontaneous form of drawing has its perks too! Not only does it make each page visually appealing but also offers mental health benefits. Doodling can help relieve psychological distress by serving as an outlet for emotions, promote mindfulness, and even release dopamine, the “feel good” hormone!

Adding personalized doodles allows you to transform standard bullet journal layouts into captivating works of art that reflect your style and personality. Whether it’s adorning weekly spreads with seasonal motifs or embellishing daily layouts with whimsical weather symbols, there are no set rules when it comes to this fun way of decorating with doodles for your bullet journal.

So grab a black pen (or colored ones if you’re feeling adventurous) and draw, and let your imagination take hold!

Why Doodle in Your Bullet Journal?

Doodling in your bullet journal can be a fun and therapeutic way to enhance creativity. It’s not just about making your pages look cute; it also has mental health benefits. Through doodling, you can express feelings, vent frustrations, or simply unwind after a long day.

Personalizing your bullet journal with simple doodles, adds an element of self-discovery and makes each page uniquely yours.

Mental Health Benefits

Doodling in bullet journals has a surprising ability to relieve stress and improve concentration. This spontaneous form of journal drawing acts as an escape, letting your worries seep onto the page and making room for positive thoughts and ideas.

You’re not only creating art but you’re also engaging in a therapeutic process that can ease psychological distress.

Furthermore, doodling promotes mindfulness by keeping your focus on the present moment instead of wandering off into stressful thoughts about past or future events. As you direct your mind to each stroke of the pen, it’s like practicing a meditation that releases dopamine, helping dissolve tension and elevate mood.

But perhaps most importantly, doodling becomes an outlet where emotions can flow freely, serving as a mirror that reflects and validates feelings in real time.

Enhanced Creativity

Doodling hand lettering in your bullet journal is more than just fun; it’s a powerful tool to enhance creativity. Think of every blank page as an opportunity to explore and express your imagination.

The process of doodling helps to unlock creative thoughts that might be lurking in the corners of your mind, ready to make their splash on the paper. It fires up neural pathways and introduces new ideas that you may not have considered before, sparking innovation at every turn.

This immersive exercise also empowers individuals by fostering a sense of agency in their creative process, boosting self-esteem along with freehand skills. So grab those black pens or colored markers and let every doodle elevate your creative prowess one stroke at a time!

Essential Doodle Supplies for Your Bullet Journal

Starting a doodling journey in your bullet journal requires a few key supplies that will make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

  • Doodle Pencils: Ideal for sketching out designs before using ink.
  • Dual Tip Pens: Ones with a fine tip on one end for detailed work and a broader brush tip on the other for filling in color or creating bold lines are best.
  • Colored Pencils: These add vibrancy to your doodles and help them really pop off the page.
  • Fine Tip Drawing Pens: Essential for intricate detailing and outlining works of art in your bullet journal.
  • Eraser: To correct any mistakes or smudging during the doodling process.

Popular Doodle Themes for Bullet Journals

Ready to add a splash of creativity to your bullet journal doodle ideas? Let’s dive right into some popular bullet journal doodle ideas and themes, such ideas as delightful flora and cute animals, yummy food items, or even changing seasons.

From just drawing flowers to basic tree shapes to magical creatures, these fun little drawings will make your journal pages come alive! Explore more on how you can make journal ideas that incorporate these whimsical images in the next section.

Flora Doodles

Flora doodles bring your bullet journal ideas and journals to life with their vibrant colors and diverse shapes. They are a delightful way to add more depth, nature, and even seasons to your bullet journal ideas while making them visually appealing.

You’re not limited to roses or tulips for your flower doodles; you can also experiment with food doodles with hibiscus, daffodils, dandelions, or lavender if you like.

Cactus doodles are a favorite among bullet journal enthusiasts too! Each cactus type presents unique textures that can enhance the character of the simple doodles, for your very best bullet journal pages. If trees appeal to you more, tree doodles symbolizing different times of the year might be just what is needs on your blank pages.

Don’t forget leaf doodles, branches in particular, offer natural touches and lovely background patterns for any page layout.

Animal Doodles

Animal doodles indisputably add flair to my easy bullet journal headers. They don’t just bring an adorable factor to easy doodle bullet journal headers, but also personalize the pages with a cute and playful vibe. From foxes, and sloths to llamas, there’s no limit to which animals I can draw as doodles for easy bullet journal headers.

Their versatility makes them perfect for various sections in your bullet journal like reminders, entries, or key dates. All it takes is simple drawing supplies. A doodle pencil and fine-tip drawing pen are enough to create these lovable critters on the page! For a striking result, you can combine their charm with other doodle themes for diverse and intriguing spreads that brighten each day!

Lifestyle Doodles

Lifestyle doodles breathe life into your bullet journal with artistic and personal touches that represent self-care and relaxation. They are a fun way to depict everyday activities, hobbies, or routines in an easy-to-understand format.

An array of lifestyle doodles like diffusers, candles, yoga poses, books, and cups of coffee are vastly popular for their soothing effect on the mind while drawing them as well as their contribution to the overall aesthetic appeal of the art journal pages.

It’s not just about making your bullet journal look good; these super cute drawings also serve a therapeutic purpose by helping relieve stress and improve concentration during busy days.

So next time you’re sipping on tea or clocking in some workout time at home, consider sketching it out in your bullet journal. Adding a personal touch to blank pages can be so much fun!

Food and Fruit Doodles

Food and fruit doodles add a delightful splash of color to bullet journal spreads. These playful themes are more than mere ornamentation. They serve practical purposes like meal planning, food tracking, or even as charming reminders for healthy eating habits.

Doodling cupcakes and other treats can lend some sweetness to your weekly plans, while apples, bananas, and strawberries could symbolize different health goals in habit trackers. No need to be overwhelmed at first glance by the prospect of drawing these. There are plenty of simple food doodle ideas and even doodle tutorials available for beginners.

Go ahead and inject some fun into your journaling routine with a doodle with these fun super easy and nutritious food doodles!

Seasonal and Holiday Doodles

Seasonal and holiday doodles are a creative way to add personality to your bullet journal. They help you connect with nature or the festive spirit of certain holidays. For instance, think about sketching blossoming flowers for spring, colorful leaves for fall, snowflakes for winter, and suns for summer.

This not only beautifies your pages but also acts as a lovely reminder of different times of the year.

Similarly, holiday-themed doodles can bring in sparks of joy and anticipation. Feel free to illustrate pumpkins during Halloween or Christmas trees during December. Remember the power to create art is in your hands! You decide what colors and styles resonate best with each season or festival celebrated around the world.

There’s no better feeling than turning a big picture from a bland page into a vibrant masterpiece that screams festivity!

An open bullet journal held by a hand with the word October and various natural items drawn in it

How to Create Interactive Doodles

Dive into the fun world of interactive bullet journal doodles, from banners to weather and travel-themed sketches! Let’s unlock your creativity as we explore easy techniques for creating dynamic, bullet journal doodle ideas and art you’ll love to show off.

Keep reading to perfect the art of doodling!

Banner Doodles

Sprucing up your doodle in your bujo makes fun items a lot more vibrant, and your whole life more exciting with banner bullet journal doodles. Here’s how to start your own bullet journal doodles and get creative with them:

  • Select the Text: Identify which title or phrase you want to emphasize in your journal layout.
  • Sketch the Shape: Outline a rectangular or triangular banner, depending on your personal preference.
  • Add Folds and Tails: Draw lines intersecting your banner shape to create a 3D effect, then add curving tails for added flair.
  • Embellish the Banner: Enhance your design with shading, patterns, or fill colors; nothing is off-limits.
  • Letter Your Text: Neatly write or stencil your chosen text within the banner.

Weather Doodles

Spicing up your bullet journal with whimsical weather doodles is a fun and easy way to express creativity. Here’s some super easy doodles as a great example of why weather bullet journal doodles really are worth trying:

  • Weather doodles add visual interest to your bullet journal pages.
  • They help capture the mood or atmosphere of a specific day.
  • A range of weather conditions like rain, sun, clouds, and lightning can be depicted creatively.
  • All skill levels can enjoy drawing these simple and quick designs.
  • Unique examples include raindrops falling on an umbrella, smiling suns, fluffy clouds, dramatic lightning bolts, intricate snowflakes, and colorful rainbows.
  • Integrating these drawings into your daily or weekly spreads provides an artistic representation of the forecast or actual weather experienced.
  • Exploring with colors or shades adds depth and turns each doodle into a mini-masterpiece.

Travel Doodles

Expanding your own bullet journal ideas with travel doodles can be a fun and creative process. Here are some fascinating bullet journal doodle ideas and ways to incorporate them:

  • Use travel doodles as a playful way to document your journeys.
  • Include iconic landmarks in your doodles, like the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty.
  • Take advantage of step-by-step tutorials for creating captivating travel doodles.
  • Simple tools – pens, colored pencils – can help bring your travel doodles to life.
  • Add a whimsical element to your bullet journal pages with lively travel sketches.

Easy Step-by-Step Bullet Journal Doodles

In this section, I’ll share with you simple, step-by-step doodling guides to help bring cute doodles on your bullet journal pages to life. From drawing step doodles using basic doodle objects like pencils and clipboards to more complex doodle ideas using items such as a chemistry flask, these easy-to-doodle ideas and tutorials really can transform blank pages into artistic masterpieces.

How to Draw a Pencil

It’s time to infuse some fun into your bullet journaling by learning how to draw a pencil. This simple yet quirky bullet journal doodle is super easy to create with just a few steps:

  • First, grab your essential doodle supplies including a pencil, paper, and an archival pen for outlining.
  • Begin sketching the shape of your pencil. Remember it’s generally triangular with rounded corners.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the shape, go over your penciled lines with the archival pen to make the outline stand out.
  • Allow the ink to dry fully before doing anything else; this prevents any smudging later on.
  • After that, let’s add some color! You can use Crayola Supertip markers or any other coloring materials you have on hand.
  • To customize your doodle and make it truly yours, add small details like an eraser at the top and a metal band near the bottom of the pencil sketch.
  • Now let’s add dimension to our pencil doodle by experimenting with shadows. Use a darker shade along one side.

How to Draw a Chemistry Flask

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of science-themed doodles in your bullet journal! Here’s a quick, step guide on how to draw a chemistry flask.

  • Start by sketching a light oval shape with your pencil. This will serve as the bottom of your flask.
  • Draw two parallel lines extending upward from the top of the oval. These lines signify the neck of your flask.
  • Connect these two lines with a curved line on top, creating the mouth of your flask.
  • Trace over your pencil sketch with an archival pen to make your chemistry flask pop out.
  • Add shadows to the left and bottom sides of the flask for depth and dimension.
  • For more flair, personalize it with different decorations and designs that represent you or match your journal theme.
  • Incorporate this science-themed doodle anywhere in your bullet journal for an educational touch that also showcases creativity.

How to Draw a Clipboard

Spicing up your bullet journal has never been so easy! Grab your pencil, paper, and your preferred archival pen to create a clipboard doodle.

  • Begin by sketching a rectangle for the body of the clipboard.
  • Just beneath the top edge of the rectangle, draw a shorter horizontal line to represent the clip.
  • Add some character to your doodle by sketching in details like a piece of paper clipped to your board.
  • Take your archival pen and outline your drawing once you’re satisfied with how it looks.
  • Consider brands like Winsor & Newton Assorted Fine Liners, Zebra Zensations, Sakura Micron, Copic Multiliner for optimal outlining.
  • After you finish outlining, erase any visible pencil marks remaining.
  • To give depth to your doodle, try experimenting with shadows using lighter and darker shades of pen ink.
  • Lastly, incorporate this handy clipboard doodle into various sections of your planner spread – use it as an element of design or as a day/date indicator.
A bullet journal open with Gratitude log written on the top and items listed


Unleash your inner artist and transform your bullet journal into a canvas with doodling. From magical flora to delightful foodstuffs, doodles add charm to every page. Quick and easy doodles, simple or detailed masterpieces, the choice is yours.

This will help you relieve stress and help shift your mind away from something that is bothering you if needed. Also what I like is a little idea can turn into a pleasing artistic expression I am proud of.

If you have any questions or want to share some doodling ideas, please comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. So grab that pen, embrace the free time, inspiration, and fun of creativity, and start doodling in your bullet journal today!

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