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Hobby Tracker Bullet Journal Spreads

Creating bullet journal spreads about your hobbies is a delightful way to combine creativity with personal interests. By dedicating pages to your favorite pastimes, you’re able to visually track, plan, and celebrate your hobbies in a customized and artistic manner.

These spreads not only serve as a practical tool for organizing your hobby-related tasks and goals but also act as a creative outlet, allowing you to express your personality through colors, drawings, and layouts. As you fill the pages with sketches, lists, and progress trackers related to your hobbies, you create a tangible record of your passions and achievements.

This process can be both relaxing and inspiring, helping you stay motivated and engaged with your interests while providing a sense of accomplishment as you see your hobby journal grow over time. In my life, flipping through these personalized spreads serves as a wonderful reminder of the joy my hobbies bring to my life. When I am having a down day I grab my bullet journal, and it encourages me to make time for them even during busy periods.

I hope the spreads below inspire you to focus on your own hobbies and maybe nudge you to picking up new ones. Check out some of my other favorite spreads at Bujo Center’s Instagram Page.


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