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10 Best Washi Tapes For Bullet Journaling in 2023


Are you a bullet journal enthusiast looking for creative ways to amp up your creative spreads? Look no further! Here is the top 10 best bullet journal washi tapes for 2023 that will transform your planner or bullet journal into a colorful masterpiece.

From well-known brands such as KOVANO, Recollections, and Agutape, to beautiful floral patterns and adorable animal designs, there’s something for everyone in this list.

Plus, I provide insights on what factors to consider when choosing the perfect washi tape for your bujo.

Top 10 Washi Tape Sets For 2023

Quick Recommendation

Take a quick peek at the product list for a speedy recommendation, or keep scrolling down for comprehensive reviews and detailed insights.

  1. Versatile Decorative Washi Tape Set for Creative Projects: DAPUTOU Washi Tape Set of 12 Rolls
  2. Decorating and crafting made easy with endless DIY possibilities: Scotch Expressions Washi Tape, 8 Rolls
  3. Elevate your creativity with blush tone washi tape: Scotch Washi Tape, Blush Tone Patterns, 3 Rolls, Assorted Sizes
  4. Decorate, Craft, Create: Knaid Vintage Washi Tape Set!: Knaid Vintage Washi Tape Set, Assorted 5 Rolls
  5. Best for vintage and creative DIY projects: DAPUTOU 20 Rolls Vintage Washi Tape Set,Wide Floral Stamp Letter Old Newspaper Antique Retro
  6. Add Colorful Fun to Your Crafts and Journals!: ZYNSHE Washi Tape Set, 16 Rolls of 15 mm Wide (7 m Long)
  7. Transform Your Crafts with 14 Rolls of Grid Washi Tape!: Knaid Grid Washi Tape Set, 14 Rolls of 15 mm Wide Decorative Colored Masking Tapes
  8. Add a Touch of Magic to Your Projects with Harry Potter Glitter Washi Tape!: Conquest Journals Harry Potter Glitter Washi Tape Bundle, Decorate Planners, Journals and Notepads
  9. Best for DIY projects, scrapbooking & journaling enthusiasts: Carousel Greetings Washi Tape Set – 16 Rolls of 15 mm Wide
  10. 18 Rolls of Cute Animal Washi Tape for DIY Crafts and Decorating: AEBORN Kawaii Animal Washi Tape – 18 Rolls Cute Thin Washi Tape Set with Cat, Corgi Dog, Bunny, Anime Washi Tape

Comparison Table

Like most bujoers, I am a very visual person, so I put together a chart to help you along your bujo-deciding journey.

Washi Tape

Scotch Expressions
Scotch Blush Tone Patterns
Multiple Patterns
Knaid Vintage
Feel Good
Knaid Grid
Multi-color Grid
Harry Potter Glitter Washi Tape
Harry Potter
Carousel Greetings
AEBORN Kawaii Animal

Versatile Decorative Washi Tape Set for Creative Projects.


  • No residue after use.
  • Set of 12 colorful rolls.
  • Made from high-quality washi paper.
  • Vibrant and eye-catching yellow color.
  • Manufactured by trusted brand DAPUTOU.
  • Compact packaging for easy storage and transport.

As a bullet journal enthusiast, I understand the importance of having quality washi tapes for customization and creativity. That’s why the DAPUTOU Washi Tape Set of 12 Rolls tops my list as the number one choice of best washi tape made for bullet fellow journalers. One of the examples (8 different styles are available), features an array of stunning Van Gogh Starry Night-themed designs that will elevate any journal spread, along with floral and green leaf patterns to add a touch of nature-inspired beauty.

Each roll in this set comes in various widths, making it perfect for different applications, from adding slim borders to wider decorative elements. The high-quality paper construction ensures that you can easily peel off and reposition these very colorful washi tapes without damaging your precious pages or leaving any residue behind. What sets this washi tape collection apart is its gorgeous combination of blue, yellow, and green hues that work together seamlessly while delivering a unique artistic flair inspired by Vincent Van Gogh himself.

If you’re looking to enhance your bullet journaling experience with washi tape ideas, visual appeal and user-friendly functionality, the DAPUTOU Washi masking tape, Set of 12 Rolls is an unbeatable option. Not only do these masking tapes offer diverse design choices with their assorted colors and Van Gogh-inspired patterns (Starry Night Decorative Green Leaves Floral Blue Yellow), but they also provide easy application without any fuss or damage. Everything one could ask for from top-notch washi tape!



  • Multi-Use: Use this DAPUTOU Washi Tape Set to add an artistic touch to your diary, scrapbooks, gift wrapping, photo frames, and much more. With its variety of designs and sizes, you can use it on almost anything you want to decorate.
  • No Residue: This Washi Tape is designed not to damage the surfaces that it’s applied on; removing them leaves no residue behind. So feel free to stick and re-stick without worrying about any damage or marks.
  • Unique Designs: Featuring Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night & Wheat Field with Cypresses design along with gorgeous floral and leafy patterns in blue/yellow/green colors make this tape set stand out from other simple washi tape sets. Bring color into your life at work or at home with our unique patterned washi tapes.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from high-quality paper that’s easy to peel off without tearing; these tapes can be used anywhere for any project you desire! Don’t worry about leaving traces when removing them either, they are gentle enough not to leave a mark!
  • Different Widths Included in Package: With 12 rolls of varying widths (0.39 inch – 1.18 inches), each roll is 9.8 ft long (3m) giving you a total of 118ft! You will have exactly what you need for every situation regardless if you need a thin strip or want something thicker!


  • Multi – use, can be used for decorating various items such as diaries, gift wrapping, scrapbooks, and more
  • Leaves no residue when removed and can be easily repositioned
  • Unique designs inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Wheat Field
  • Comes in a set of 12 rolls with different widths perfect for various scenarios


  • Limited color options available
  • May not stick well on all surfaces
  • Some may find the price to be higher compared to other washi tape sets in the market.

Decorating and crafting made easy with endless DIY possibilities.


  • 8 rolls of multi-colored washi tape for all your DIY and decorating needs
  • Made with flexible paper material that can be easily torn, cut, and removed without damaging surfaces
  • Each roll is 0.09mm thick, providing just the right amount of adhesive for various projects
  • Compact packaging size makes it easy to store and carry around
  • Produced by trusted brand Scotch with a long-standing reputation in the tape industry

I’ve found the Scotch Expressions Washi Tape to be an ideal choice for my creative endeavors. The pack comes with eight rolls of various colors and patterns that are perfect for personalizing and organizing your journal. From creating custom dividers to decorating monthly layouts, this top-quality washi tape from a trusted brand like Scotch allows you to let your creativity run wild.

What sets it apart from other options is its easy-to-tear nature and initially repositionable adhesive on most surfaces, making it very user-friendly even if you’re new to using a washi tape for bullet journal ideas or tapes in your bullet journal. Plus, the fact that Scotch provides clear instructions on how to apply and remove their washi tape ensures clean results every time. One tip I’ll pass along: try not to touch the sticky side too much during application as oils from our fingers can break down the adhesive.

Choosing Scotch Expressions Washi Tape as No. 2 in my list wasn’t difficult; it meets all product review guidelines while offering remarkable value through versatility and durability. Whether you’re labeling upcycled jars or adding some flair to your daily spreads, these eight rolls give you plenty of options for endless DIY projects. With so many colors and patterns available, expressing yourself has never been easier!



  • Easy to remove: With Scotch Expressions Washi Tape, removing the tape is a breeze. Simply lift the end and peel directly backwards, without pulling up. This ensures that it won’t damage your surfaces or leave any sticky residue behind.
  • Initially repositionable: The washi tape is initially repositionable on most surfaces. You can easily move and adjust it without worrying about damaging your project.
  • Versatile: Whether you’re organizing, crafting, journaling, or decorating, this washi tape has got you covered! It’s perfect for endless DIY projects and adding that special touch to any surface.
  • Long-lasting stickiness: Made with durable adhesive material, this washi tape will ensure long-lasting sticking power once applied. You won’t have to worry about it falling off or losing its stickiness over time.
  • Tear-by-hand usability: Unlike other tapes that require scissors for cutting, this washi tape tears by hand with ease. You can create custom shapes and sizes effortlessly while working on your project.


  • Easy to remove cleanly from most surfaces
  • Repositionable and initially easy to work with
  • Perfect for DIY projects, labeling, and decorating
  • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns for personalized use


  • May not adhere well on certain surfaces
  • Some users may find it difficult to remove cleanly without leaving residue
  • Limited color and pattern options compared to other washi tapes on the market

Elevate your creativity with blush-tone washi tape.


  • Includes 3 rolls of washi tape with assorted blush tone patterns
  • Made from high-quality washi paper material
  • Suitable for use on paper surfaces
  • Compact and easy-to-store dimensions of 4.88 x 2.94 x 2 inches
  • Lightweight at only 1.13 ounces

Scotch Washi Tape, Blush Tone Patterns, 3 Rolls, Assorted Sizes is a fantastic addition to any bullet journal enthusiast’s toolkit. With its assortment of blush tone patterns and sizes, this washi tape set can effortlessly elevate your bullet journaling experience by adding a touch of personalization and creativity. Not only does the Scotch brand provide high-quality adhesion for various surfaces, but it also ensures easy removal without damaging delicate pages or materials.

Bullet journal users will appreciate the initially repositionable nature of this washi tape on most surfaces, just remember to test it in an inconspicuous area first. Additionally, this versatile product lends itself to other DIY applications such as scrapbooking and home decor. No wonder I ranked Scotch Washi Tape for bullet journaling third among my top picks for bullet journal accessories!

Best practice suggests avoiding direct contact with the adhesive side before applying. Oil from fingers may affect stickiness. Overall, Scotch Washi Tape for bullet journals offers endless possibilities for enhancing your creative projects while staying organized and stylish at the same time.



  • Blush Tone Patterns: The soft and feminine hues of the blush tone patterns give your projects a beautiful, elegant touch that’s perfect for any occasion.
  • Assorted Sizes: With three different sizes to choose from, you can easily customize your designs and add layers of dimension to make them pop!
  • Great for Bullet Journaling, Scrapbooking and DIY Décor: Whether you’re keeping track of your daily tasks or creating a beautiful scrapbook page, this washi tape is the perfect addition to your creative projects.
  • Initial Repositionable on Most Surfaces: You don’t have to worry about getting it right the first time. The tape is initially repositionable so you can adjust it as needed without damaging surfaces.
  • Easy Tear-by-hand Usability: No need for scissors! The washi tape tears easily by hand so you can create custom lengths with ease.


  • Easy to remove and reposition on most surfaces
  • Provides a creative touch for DIY projects, bullet journaling, scrapbooking, and home décor
  • Tear-by-hand usability makes it convenient for quick use
  • Offers a variety of blush-toned patterns for personalization and organization


  • May be difficult to remove cleanly from some delicate surfaces
  • Oils from fingers may break down the adhesive, affecting stickiness over time
  • Limited to only three rolls in the pack

Decorate, Craft, Create: Knaid Vintage Washi Tape Set!


  • Vintage design: Featuring a charming vintage aesthetic, this washi tape set adds unique character to any project.
  • Assorted rolls: With 5 different rolls included in each set, there’s plenty of variety for all your crafting needs.
  • High-quality material: Made with durable paper, these tapes are built to last and provide long-lasting adhesion.
  • Versatile surface recommendation: Suitable for use on paper surfaces, making them perfect for scrapbooking, journaling, gift wrapping, and more!
  • Easy to store and organize: Compact dimensions (7.5″ x 1.9″ x 1.9″) make it easy to keep your collection organized at home or on the go.
  • Trusted brand: From their quality products to their customer service team, Knaid is a brand you can trust when it comes to creative supplies!

Knaid Vintage Washi Tape Set is an absolute must-have for bullet journal enthusiasts and craft lovers alike. These assorted 5 rolls of decorative colored masking tape and tapes allow you to add a touch of vintage flair to your journals, planners, and scrapbooks with their unique design choices. Featuring designs like old-world maps, postal memories, newspaper ads, diaries, and tickets, this set offers unmatched versatility and inspiration for creative expression.

Not only does the Knaid Vintage Washi Tape Set look great on any project but it’s also made with high-quality washi paper that ensures a strong adhesive yet easy removal leaving no residue behind! The various widths (ranging from 0.79 inches to 2.36 inches) provide ample options for different crafting activities and decorative purposes, while the length of each roll extends up to 26.3 feet ensuring plenty of washi tape rolls are available before needing a refill.

Encased in an elegant marble gift box, the Knaid Vintage Washi Tape Set makes for an excellent present all year round, be it for anniversaries or holidays. It’s perfect not just for organizing your thoughts in bullet journals but also serves as decorative tape for accents on gift wraps or home decor projects, making every creation extra special with its retro charm!



  • Perfect gift for creatives: With a beautiful vintage-inspired look and feel, the Knaid Vintage Washi Tape Set is an ideal addition to your personal belongings. Plus, it comes packaged in an elegant marble gift box making it perfect for gifting friends and family who are into bullet journaling, scrapbooking or any creative activity.
  • Multi-use: This tape set includes 5 rolls of decorative colored masking tapes that can be used for scrapbooking, DIY decor and crafts, bullet journals, planners, junk journals, gift wrapping and so much more. It’s versatile enough to suit all your crafting needs!
  • High-quality tape: The washi tapes in this set are made from high-quality washi paper with adhesive that sticks well to paper and craft projects. You can use them on almost all surfaces without worrying about leaving any sticky residue behind. They’re also tearable & repositionable so you get the flexibility you need without compromising quality
  • Dimensions: A full set of 5 rolls with different patterns means there’s plenty of tape for all kinds of activities! Each roll measures 26.3 feet (8m) in length which is longer than most other tape sets available on Amazon; its various widths make it a great choice for any project type.
  • Variety of designs: The pack features old-world map prints, postal memory motifs, newspaper ads designs among others that bring creativity alive in note-taking or tone-setting activities in notebooks or DIY projects alike!


  • Perfect gift for creatives
  • Multi-use in various craft activities and home decor
  • High-quality tape that is tearable, repositionable and residue-free
  • Variety of vintage designs for tone-setting in notebooks, journals or DIY projects


  • Limited design options (only 5 rolls)
  • May not adhere well to certain surfaces
  • More expensive than some other washi tape sets on the market

Best for vintage and creative DIY projects.


  • 20 rolls of vintage washi tape set with wide floral stamps, letters, old newspaper, and antique retro designs
  • Made of high-quality washi paper material for durability and flexibility
  • Leaves no residue upon removal from surfaces, making it ideal for creative projects
  • Comes in 6 different color that adds a classic and timeless touch to any craft or decoration
  • Each roll is uniquely designed by DAPUTOU to provide customers with an authentic product
  • Perfect for scrapbooking, bullet journaling, gift wrapping, DIY crafts, and other artistic ventures

As an avid bullet journaler, I’ve found the DAPUTOU 20 Rolls Vintage Washi Tape Set to be a game changer in my creative process. The set offers a wide array of attractive patterns and widths that cater to all your various bullet journaling needs. With its floral stamp letter old newspaper antique retro designs, this washi tape not only adds character and color to my spreads, but also makes organizing easier with clear visual markers.

The beauty of these tapes lies in their high-quality paper material that allows for easy peeling without damaging your precious pages or leaving any residue behind. In addition, the versatile range of sizes offered – from 0.19 inches (5mm) up to 0.98 inches (25mm) – ensures that there is always a perfect width available for different scenarios throughout your bullet journal layouts.

Not only has this DAPUTOU Vintage Washi Tape Set enhanced my bullet journal visually, it’s also been quite functional when marking key dates, dividing sections, or adding annotations on my bullet journal spreads without compromising aesthetics. Bravo!



  • Multi-use: With the DAPUTOU Vintage Washi Tape Set, you can decorate just about anything! From diaries and planners to scrapbooks, photos, cards, and more. Get creative with your home decor too by adding this tape to vases or photo frames. The possibilities are endless!
  • No Residue: You don’t have to worry about damaging surfaces when using these washi tapes. They are designed to peel off easily without leaving any residue behind. This means you can remove them and re-stick them as many times as you want!
  • Design: There’s nothing quite like the vintage charm of floral maps, stamp letters, old newspapers, or antique retro designs. So why not add a touch of elegance to your crafts? With 20 different patterns included in this set, there’s something for every occasion.
  • Material: Made from high-quality paper material that is easy to peel off without causing damage or leaving unwanted traces on surfaces.
  • Package: Get 20 rolls of washi tape that come in different widths (ranging from 0.19 inch [5mm] up to 0.98 inch [25mm]) and length (6.56ft [2m]). This ensures you always have the perfect tape for every project – big or small!


  • Versatile use for decorating various items including scrapbooks, planners, and cards
  • Leaves no residue when removed and can be easily repositioned
  • 20 unique vintage designs included in the set
  • Made from high-quality paper that is easy to peel off without damage


  • May not adhere well to certain surfaces
  • Some customers may find the price to be a bit high for a washi tape set

Add Colorful Fun to Your Crafts and Journals!


  • 16 rolls of multicolored washi tape
  • Each roll is 15 mm wide and 7 meters long
  • Made from high-quality, durable washi paper material
  • Perfect for decorating and adding a pop of color to your projects
  • Versatile adhesive works well on paper surfaces
  • Compact package dimensions make it easy to store or take on-the-go

As an avid bullet journal enthusiast and expert in planner supplies, I am always on the hunt for high-quality, versatile washi tape rolls and tapes to add a personal touch to my creations. The ZYNSHE Washi Tape Set has exceeded my expectations with its 16 beautifully designed rolls of very functional washi tape that are both charming and functional.

Each roll of decorated tape is generously sized at 15 mm wide and 7 meters long, allowing me to experiment freely without worrying about running out too quickly. The premium quality Japanese washi paper ensures excellent quality and adhesion to my journal pages while remaining easy to tear by hand or using a dispenser. Best of all, it can be repositioned multiple times without leaving any sticky residue; a game changer! With so many uses beyond bullet journaling like gift wrapping, letter writing, and embellishing thank you cards, these decorative tapes have truly expanded my creative horizons.

What sets this ZYNSHE Washi Tape Set apart from other sets on the market is its unique variety of original styles ranging from floral patterns and rainbow colors to retro designs inspired by vintage aesthetic tape. By seamlessly blending into various themes within my bullet journals as well as standalone decorations or even planner stickers, each design helps bring every page alive with personality. If you’re someone who values creativity along with functionality in your planner accessories, then look no further than the ZYNSHE Washi Tape Set for all your crafty needs!



  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed: If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the ZYNSHE Washi Tape Set, you can return it for a complete refund. This guarantee gives you peace of mind when making your purchase.
  • Premium quality washi tape: Made from high-quality Japanese washi paper, this decorative tape has an adhesive that sticks well to paper and craft projects. You can tear it by hand or use a dispenser, and easily reposition or adjust it without leaving residue. The premium quality means your crafting will have long-lasting durability.
  • Plenty of tape included: With each roll measuring approximately .59 inches wide and 23 feet long (15mm x 7 meters), these rolls contain far more than other competing brands. You’ll get much more use out of your favorite designs with each set purchased.
  • Versatile uses: Whether you’re into bullet journaling, scrapbooking, stationery design, gift wrapping, or just about any other DIY project under the sun, these tapes are perfect! Each roll comes in different designs including floral patterns, smiley faces & checkerboards to match all kinds of styles like vintage decor & retro art so they make great planner accessories too!
  • Get creative with original artwork: Designed by professional artists who put every effort into creating unique prints for each roll featuring flowers rainbow strawberries grid stripes, and more! This means that no matter what kind of aesthetic vision you have in mind there’s always a perfect


  • High customer satisfaction and easy return policy
  • More tape per roll for longer use
  • Premium quality Japanese washi paper with strong adhesive
  • Versatile uses for decorating, journaling, gift wrapping, and more


  • Washi tape does not stick well to all surfaces
  • Some designs may not be suitable for certain styles or projects
  • The price point may be higher compared to other washi tape sets available on the market.

Transform Your Crafts with 14 Rolls of Grid Washi Tape!


  • 14 rolls of 15mm wide decorative colored masking tapes
  • Grid pattern design for a unique and eye-catching touch
  • Made from durable paper material compatible with paper surfaces
  • Great for arts, crafts, scrapbooking, journaling, and more
  • Comes in a compact size (4.5 x 3.9 x1.9 inches) for easy storage and organization

I’ve tried numerous washi tapes over the years. The Knaid Grid Washi Tape Set quickly became one of my favorites for several reasons. First and foremost, the 14 rolls of 15mm wide decorative colored masking washi tapes featured here offer a great variety of grid patterns which adds a touch of minimalistic style to my bullet journaling while keeping it organized and neat.

One thing that makes this set stand out from all the washi tapes, is its high quality. Made from premium washi paper with a strong adhesive, these tapes stick well to paper without leaving any residue when removed or repositioned. These attributes make it ideal for bullet journals, planners, scrapbooking projects, and even DIY crafts! I truly appreciate how easy they are to tear by hand or use with a dispenser with no scissors needed!

The Knaid Grid Washi Tape set would be an excellent addition to any craft lover’s collection or as a thoughtful gift for friends who share your passion for bullet journaling. With 26.3 feet (8 meters) in length per roll, there are plenty of fun washi tape ideas available to fuel your creativity without worrying about constantly running out of decorated washi tape ideas yourself! If you’re searching for versatile and stylish washi tape options that provide both functionality and aesthetics for your bullet journaling endeavors, the Knaid Grid Washi Tape Set won’t disappoint!



  • 14 Rolls of 15mm Wide Decorative Colored Masking Tapes
  • Perfect Gift for Creatives in Elegant Marble Box
  • High-Quality Tape Made from Washi Paper with Great Adhesive
  • Multi-use for Different Projects and Purposes
  • Unique Simple Grid Patterns


  • Elegant gift box packaging makes it perfect for gifting to creatives.
  • Multi-use can be used on a variety of surfaces and for many different crafts.
  • High-quality washi paper with repositionable adhesive that leaves no residue.
  • 14 rolls with generous length of tape in beautiful grid patterns offer plenty of variety.


  • Limited to only grid pattern designs
  • May not stick well to all surfaces, such as walls
  • Higher price point compared to some other washi tape sets

Add a Touch of Magic to Your Projects with Harry Potter Glitter Washi Tape!


  • Decorate planners, journals, and notepads with the magical touch of Harry Potter.
  • Bundle includes 8 rolls of glitter washi tape made from high-quality washi paper.
  • Washi tape is easy to tear by hand and repositionable for precise crafting.
  • Compatible with any paper surface, making it perfect for creative projects or organizing tasks.
  • Add a touch of glam to your daily routine with sparkling gold and silver accents.

As a dedicated bullet journalist and a big fan of Harry Potter, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the Conquest Journals Harry Potter Glitter Washi Tape Bundle. This set of 8 rolls brings magic and creativity to using washi tape in every project, whether you’re decorating planners, journals, or notepads. This glitter washi tape collection is perfect for all fans of the Wizarding World.

The versatility of these tapes truly impressed me. From making borders and edges to marking pages and covering up mistakes. With iconic themes like Honeydukes, the Marauder’s Map, Hogwarts House mascots, and Potions/Cauldrons you can add a touch of your favorite Harry Potter elements to any page layout. The bundle includes 4 rolls of 15mm tape and 4 rolls of 5mm tape. Perfect for organizing your tasks in style!

Incorporating this Conquest Journals Harry Potter Glitter Washi Tape into my bullet journal has quickly become one of my favorite ways to personalize my pages while staying organized at school or work. Regardless if you are a student or an office wizard, adding some magical sparkle to your spreads will make planning more enjoyable than ever before!



  • Authentic Harry Potter Washi Tape: Experience the magical world of Harry Potter in your everyday life. This Glitter washi tape set is officially licensed by Warner Bros. Consumer Products, ensuring that you get only the best quality and design.
  • Magical And Versatile: Bring a touch of enchantment to everything you do with this glitter washi tape bundle! Use it to decorate planners, journals, notepads, or just about anything else you can think of. It’s perfect for creating DIY greeting cards or bullet journal banners too!
  • 8 Rolls Of Washi Fun: With eight rolls included in this bundle (four 15mm rolls and four 5mm rolls), there’s plenty of magical washi tape to go around! You’ll have enough for all your home, school, and office needs.
  • Iconic Harry Potter Themes: Surround yourself with some of the most beloved images from the wizarding world with this glitter washi tape set! Featuring Honeydukes sweets, Marauder’s Map designs, Hogwarts House mascots, and more. Each roll is bursting with iconic HP themes.
  • Perfect For Your Decorating Projects: Add some sparkle to your daily routine with these fabulous glitter washi tapes. From planning spreads to scrapbooks and beyond, they’re sure to bring an extra special touch to any project you take on!


  • Authentic Harry Potter washi tape officially licensed by Warner Bros.
  • Versatile and fun to use for decorating planners, journals, notepads, and more.
  • Includes 8 rolls of glitter washi tape, plenty for home, school, and office projects.
  • Features iconic Harry Potter themes from Honeydukes to the Marauder’s Map.


  • If you are not a fan of Harry Potter, this may not be for you.

Best for DIY projects, scrapbooking & journaling enthusiasts.


  • Set of 16 colorful washi tape rolls
  • Each roll is 15mm wide
  • Made of high-quality wash paper material
  • Ideal for decorating and crafting on paper surfaces
  • Unique Carousel Greetings design
  • Lightweight and easy to use

The Carousel Greetings Washi Tape Set, 16 Rolls of 15 mm wide, offers an exceptional addition to your bullet journaling, scrapbooking, and planner decorating activities. This set includes a diverse assortment of decorative colored tape that features original artwork with floral designs, botanical leaves, cactus patterns, succulents, palm leaves prints, and bold geometric patterns. With a mix of subtle blush pink pastels, deep emerald greens, vivid yellows, or classy black and white designs to choose from, you can instantly elevate your creative projects and give them a unique touch.

Made from high-quality Japanese washi paper with an adhesive that sticks well to paper and craft ventures but leaves no residue behind if repositioned. These washi tapes are perfect for creative minds who want the ability to adjust their masterpieces without any hassle or worry about damaging their work. The Carousel Greetings Washi Tape Set also doubles as an alternative for scrapbook stickers and planner accessories making it the must-have accessory in your collection of craft supplies. With added satisfaction guarantee promise by the manufacturer’s end if you’re not content with your purchase; this product is one worth considering when searching for versatile washi tape options suitable for various artistic pursuits.



  • Satisfaction Guarantee: They offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you are completely happy with your purchase. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied, simply return the item for a complete refund.
  • Longer Length Rolls: Each roll of tape in this set is .59 inches wide and 23 feet long (15 mm x 7 meters), providing more length than many other tape sets available. This means you’ll have plenty of your favorite designs to use again and again.
  • Multi-Purpose Use: These decorative colored tapes are perfect not only for scrapbooking but also for bullet journaling, planners, DIY decor & craft supplies. They can be used as stickers for thank you cards or stationery, computer cords or cell phone case decoration, or even home/office décor.
  • High Quality Tape: These washi tapes are made from high-quality Japanese paper which sticks well to paper and craft projects without leaving any sticky residue so it’s a perfect choice when working on kids’ crafts too!
  • Made For Creatives: With bold geometric prints and beautiful botanical leaf patterns, this tape set features original artwork that creatives will love. Add these versatile designs to your stash today!


  • 16 rolls of high-quality Japanese washi paper tape with original and beautiful designs
  • Each roll is .59 inches wide and contains 23 feet of tape, giving you more use for your favorite designs
  • Multi-use for scrapbooking, bullet journaling, planner stickers, DIY decor, and more
  • Repositionable adhesive that sticks well to paper and craft projects without leaving any residue


  • May not adhere well to certain surfaces
  • Only available in one width (15 mm)
  • Some designs may not appeal to everyone’s taste and style preferences

18 Rolls of Cute Animal Washi Tape for DIY Crafts and Decorating.


  • 18 cute thin washi tape rolls featuring kawaii animal designs
  • Made of high-quality washi paper for easy tear and stick
  • Perfect for journaling, scrapbooking, decoration, or DIY projects
  • Comes in a compact package that is easy to store or carry around
  • Manufactured by trusted brand AEBORN and backed with quality assurance
  • Makes a great gift for anyone who loves all things adorable and crafty.

AEBORN Kawaii Animal Washi Tape is an adorable addition to your bullet journaling and DIY crafts arsenal. This set consists of 18 rolls, six featuring a width of 15mm and the remaining twelve at 7.5mm wide, that are designed with cute kawaii animals like cats, corgi dogs, bunnies, and anime characters. These tapes not only add a pop of color but also bring life to your projects while keeping them organized in style.

Crafted with high-quality Japanese paper material for a soft surface feel and long-lasting colors that won’t fade over time. The environmentally-friendly washi tape sticks well on most clean surfaces without leaving any residue when removed. This makes it perfect for decorating your bullet journals, planners, or even phone cases! Designed by professional Japanese designers to ensure an appealing assortment of patterns suitable for users across all age groups. With AEBORN Kawaii Animal Washi Tape at hand, you can transform mundane objects into creative pieces people will marvel at!



  • Service Guaranteed: Enjoy peace of mind. If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, they will provide a full refund.
  • Wide Range Of Uses: Get creative and decorate anything from your bullet journal to your phone cases with this animal washi tape set! Perfect for kids’ DIY crafts or holiday decorations, people of all ages can find joy in this cute washi tape.
  • Professional Design: With designs created by professional Japanese designers, these anime washi tapes come in various patterns that offer more choices for your use. The simple design allows you to unleash your creativity and surprise friends with unique gifts and decorations.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from high-quality Japanese paper material, this kawaii animal washi tape set is soft on the surface yet durable in color. It’s also environmentally friendly and odor-free! Plus it sticks easily to most clean surfaces and removes without leaving any residue behind.
  • Cute And Vibrant: Add some color and vitality into your life with this pack of 18 rolls featuring corgi dog, cat, bunny patterns! Six of them are 15mm wide while twelve are 7.5mm wide, perfect sizes for adding a touch of cuteness to whatever you’re decorating or crafting.


  • 18 rolls of cute animal washi tape for versatile use
  • Designs by professional Japanese designers
  • High-quality material that is soft and durable
  • Satisfaction guarantee with easy returns


  • Limited variety of animal designs
  • Only available in thin widths
  • May not adhere well to certain surfaces

Factors To Consider When Choosing Washi Tapes

Consider the color, pattern, quality, and durability of washi tapes when choosing the best washi tape set for your bullet journal or craft projects.

Color, Pattern, Quality, And Durability

As a bullet journal washi tape enthusiast, I understand the significance of selecting the perfect bullet journal washi tapes to enhance my journaling experience. Here are some key factors to look out for in terms of color, pattern, quality, and durability while choosing your bullet journal washi tape tapes:

  • Color: Pick vibrant colors that inspire creativity or go for soft colors if you prefer a calming effect on your bullet journal pages.
  • Pattern: Choose from an array of patterns including solid colors, grid patterns, cute designs, or gold foil accents to complement your bullet journal spreads and mood trackers.
  • Quality: Opt for washi tape brands known for their excellent quality, ensuring they’ll easily adhere to paper and other surfaces without leaving a sticky residue behind.
  • Durability: Look for washi tapes made with natural fibers that provide a smooth surface and are easily torn by hand while still being strong enough to hold up over time.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can create beautifully decorated bullet journals that not only help you stay organized but also showcase your unique sense of style through creative planning with colorful washi tape collections!


The world of bullet journaling and creative planning is made even more fun and way more exciting with the endless possibilities offered by washi tape for bullet journaling.

With the DAPUTOU set’s vibrant colors, cute patterns, and high-quality materials, you’ll undoubtedly create eye-catching spreads using these beautiful tapes.

So why wait? Elevate your bullet journal game with these fantastic washi tapes! Comment below what your favorite one is from the list. Try any of these already? If so let everyone know what you thought of it, so they can make better-informed decisions. Have a favorite that isn’t on this list? Please let me know below and I will add it.

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