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10 Best Brush Pens For Bullet Journaling In 2023


Are you ready to unleash your creativity and elevate your bullet journaling game in 2023? Look no further, as I have compiled a list of the 10 best brush pens on the market to help you achieve stunning calligraphy, smooth writing, beautiful lettering, and artistic masterpieces.

As bujers we all know how we have our tried and true favorite gel ink pens, fountain pens, colored pencils, and all of our other favorite bullet journal supplies, but have you ventured into the world of brush pens and brush lettering? Read on and figure out which ones are right for you.

Top 10 Best Brush Pens For 2023

Quick Recommendation

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Comparison Table

Like most bujoers, I am a very visual person, so I put together a chart to help you along your bujo-deciding journey.

Brush Pen

Ink Color
Point Type
Primrosia 100 Dual Tip Marker Pens
100 various colors
Extra Fine
SAKURA Pigma Micron Brush Pens
Ohuhu 100 Colors Art Markers Set
100 colors water-based ink
Tombow 56168 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers
Zebra Pen Mildliner Brush Marker
Medium, Fine
Dual Markers Brush Pen
Fine, Brush
Talens Ecoline Brush Pen Set of 30
Arteza Real Brush Pens, 36 Dual-Tip Markers
Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pen, 2-Pack
Primrosia 24 Pastel Dual Tip Markers
24 Various Pastel Colors
Fine, Brush

100 Dual Tip Marker Pens for Stunning Watercolor Effects


  • 100 various colors for endless creativity
  • Dual-tip design: extra-fine point fine liner & watercolor brush pen
  • Ideal for coloring, drawing, calligraphy, sketching, and more
  • Snap closure to protect the tips and prevent dry-out
  • Perfect gift idea for artists of any skill level
  • High-quality ink that is fade-resistant and quick-drying

As an experienced artist and bullet journal journalist, I could instantly see that the Primrosia 100 Dual Tip Marker Pens offered more than just stylish packaging. These pens provide exceptional value with their innovative dual-tip design featuring both a watercolor brush and fine liner tips in one pen. Their non-toxic, acid-free ink is safe and easy to use, making them perfect for sketching illustrations, calligraphy, or adding pops of color to your bullet journal pages.

One reason why these pens stand out as my number one choice for the best bullet journal markers is the impressive range of 100 vibrant colors available. The subtle variations in hues make it possible to achieve stunning effects by blending colored pens of different shades together or using them with water on heavy watercolor paper for a beautiful watercolor finish. The Primrosia markers are especially versatile when combined with their matching Watercolor Dot Grid Journals or Watercolor pads, creating even more possibilities for your artistic creations.

Having used countless marker sets over the years, what truly sets Primrosia’s 100 Dual Tip Marker Pens apart from competitors is not only the quality of their design but also the supportive community they promote through sharing artwork and offering how-to tips for fellow artists. Whether you’re creating intricate designs in your bullet journal or exploring new techniques in illustration, these markers offer unmatched performance that resonates well within any creative journey.



  • Cute and Convenient Packaging: Our Primrosia 100 Dual Tip Marker Pens come in stylish and eco-friendly house-shaped packaging that is perfect for display on your desk or gifting to fellow artists. Plus, its gold foil stamp design adds a touch of elegance.
  • High Quality and Safe Materials: The markers are made of non-toxic, acid-free materials that are safe for all users. They don’t have any unpleasant chemical smells and won’t irritate sensitive skin or eyes.
  • Stunning Watercolor Effect: Create beautiful watercolor effects by simply brushing water over the ink applied with the dual tip marker pens. Make sure to use high-quality smooth or medium watercolor paper between 160gsm to 300gsm for best results!
  • Wide Range of Color Options: With 100 different colors to choose from, you can create countless variations and combinations using these dual-tip marker pens! Whether it’s darks, brights, pastels, or blends, they got you covered!
  • Dual-Tip Design for Versatility: Primrosia 100 Dual Tip Marker Pens feature two tips on one pen! A fine liner tip (0.4mm) is perfect for outlining and detailing while the other end features a brush tip that gives stunning color vibrancy that’s blendable when shading and coloring.


  • Dual tip design offers both fine liner and watercolor brush options in one
  • Highly pigmented, fast-drying ink is non-toxic and safe to use
  • Watercolor effect achievable with simple addition of water (on appropriate paper)
  • 100 unique colors provide endless possibilities for shading, blending, and outlining


  • The watercolor effect can only be achieved on heavy watercolor paper and not on thin bond paper.
  • The price may be higher compared to other marker pens in the market.
  • Some users may find 100 colors overwhelming and prefer a smaller set with fewer color options.

Create professional, fade-free art with brush pens.


  • Features archival quality ink that won’t fade or smear over time
  • Comes with a range of colored and black pens for added creativity
  • Designed with a brush tip for smooth and precise strokes
  • Can be used by adults of all skill levels
  • Lightweight and easy to use, with no assembly required
  • Manufactured by trusted brand SAKURA for reliable quality

The SAKURA Pigma Micron Brush Pens are not only perfect for bullet journaling but also versatile enough to cater to various creative tasks. With their flexible brush tips, these pens respond effortlessly to changes in pressure and direction, allowing you to produce fine details and calligraphy-like strokes with ease. The set contains eight vibrant colors (black, red, blue, green, brown, purple, orange, and rose), giving you the freedom to create eye-catching designs and organize your bullet journal seamlessly.

Ranked as No. 2 on the list due to their archival quality ink; these pens stand out from other brands with their waterproof, fade-resistant pigment ink formula that is bleed-free and quick-drying. On top of that, the ink is pH neutral, ensuring longevity of your artwork or notes without damaging surfaces over time. As a bonus feature appreciated by artists worldwide: SAKURA’s high-quality pigment-based ink delivers consistent results no matter what project lies ahead! So whether you’re aiming for professional-looking illustrations or simply jotting down daily tasks in style, the SAKURA Pigma Micron Brush Pens have got you covered!

If you’re searching for reliable brush pens suitable for bullet journaling while offering both versatility and performance, look no further than this No. 2 pick on the list! Crafted by the renowned brand Sakura of America known for high-quality pens and fostering creativity among users, get ready to unleash your full potential using these great pens!



  • Experience Japanese Quality: SAKURA Pigma Micron Brush Pens are made with high quality materials that deliver professional results every time, making your writing, drawing, or journaling experience a pleasure.
  • Create with Precision: With Pigma pens, you have the freedom to think and create by delivering consistent results with precision. The brush nibs on these pens allow you to create thin or thick lines effortlessly.
  • Long-lasting and Archival Quality Ink: The pen ink is waterproof, fade-resistant, and pH neutral. This means that your work will last for years without fading or losing color vibrancy. You can also use them in mixed media projects as they won’t bleed through most paper types.
  • Assorted Colors for Creative Expression: Get creative with this 8-pack set of colored brush pens in your bullet journal! It includes a black pen plus seven other colors (red, blue, green, brown purple orange, and rose). These beautiful shades give you endless possibilities when creating art or bullet journal spreads.
  • Thorough Ink Delivery for Full Coverage: The ink delivery system of these black and colored brush pens delivers ink not only to the tip but also to the sides of the flexible brush allowing full coverage in every stroke. This ensures smooth lines that enhance your artwork’s overall aesthetic appeal.


  • Consistent precision for professional results
  • Archival quality ink that is waterproof and fade-resistant
  • Wide range of colored brush pens for creative freedom
  • Thorough ink delivery to sides and tip of flexible brush.


  • May bleed through thinner paper
  • Micron pen brush tips may fray over time with heavy use
  • Color set may vary and not include desired colors for specific projects

Ultimate Artistic Expression with Watercolor Effects and Dual Tips.


  • 100 vibrant water-based ink colors
  • Dual tips for versatile coloring and drawing options
  • Fine point tip for precise lines and details
  • Large set with plenty of color options to choose from
  • High-quality markers from trusted brand Ohuhu
  • Versatile use for art, crafts, and more

The Ohuhu 100 Colors Art Markers Set, Dual Tips Brush Fineliner Markers are a fantastic addition to any artist or bullet journal pens enthusiast’s collection. These versatile markers offer both the ultra-fine micron pens and brush tips, allowing you to effortlessly switch between detailed work and shading or blending larger areas. The non-toxic water-based ink ensures that your artwork remains vibrant and fade-resistant, while also being safe for users of all ages.

People searching for brush pens for their best bullet journal pens and journals will appreciate the rich variety of 100 colors available in this set, making it easy to find the perfect shade for any project. The numbered color codes make organizing and finding colors a breeze, which is essential when working on intricate designs like those found in many other good bullet journal markers, ballpoint pens, and journals.

In addition to journaling tasks, these marker pens excel at calligraphy drawing, sketching, and coloring activities as well. I picked the Ohuhu 100 Colors Art Markers Set as No. 3 on the list due to its impressive range of colors and dual tips feature that offers double creativity possibilities.

Ohuhu markers are an excellent value not just for their quality but also because each package includes three replacement brush nibs, two fine tips, and a pre-printed number color swatch card for added convenience. With an exquisite white packaging design that makes it an ideal gift choice anytime! Don’t wait any longer, unleash your creativity with the Ohuhu 100 Colors Art Markers Set!



  • Achieve beautiful watercolor effects: With Ohuhu 100 Colors Art Markers Set, you can easily achieve stunning watercolor effects on your artwork. Simply pre-wet an area with an aqua brush pen (not included) and then color the area with the colors you want to blend.
  • Non-toxic and acid-free ink: Worried about harmful chemicals in your bullet journal supplies? Rest assured that these markers are non-toxic and feature acid-free ink that will ensure your artwork lasts against fading.
  • Dual-tipped for double creativity: These dual-tipped adult coloring marker pens have both a fine tip and a soft brush tip, making them perfect for intricate coloring, writing, doodling, calligraphy, shading, blending, and more.
  • Numbered colors for easy selection: With 100 vibrant colors included in this set of color marker pens each pen is numbered which makes selecting preferred colors super easy. You also get an added blank DIY swatch card to organize/edit your preferences as per needs.
  • Perfect for coloring books & journaling: Whether you’re into adult coloring books or keeping a bullet journal, these markers are absolutely perfect! They won’t bleed beyond the line or destroy the next pages. So use them confidently without worrying about ruining other pages by mistake while creating ur masterpiece!


  • Achieve beautiful watercolor effects with pre-wetting and blending
  • Acid-free, non-toxic ink for lasting artwork that’s safe for kids
  • Non-bleeding ink perfect for coloring books and journaling
  • Dual-tipped with brush and fine tips for precise details or large-area shading


  • Need to use watercolor paper or mix media paper to prevent bleeding.
  • The aqua brush pen for achieving watercolor effects is not included in the package.
  • Some customers may find the set a bit pricey compared to other marker sets on the market.

Vibrant Blends for Artists and Creatives.


  • Flexible brush tip for versatile strokes and lettering styles
  • Fine point for intricate details and outlines
  • Water-based ink for vibrant colors and blending techniques
  • Available in secondary colors, perfect for coloring projects
  • Durable design with no risk of drying out or leaking

Tombow Dual Brush Pens are ideal pens for bullet journaling enthusiasts looking to add an artistic touch to their creations. These pens showcase a versatile and flexible nylon fiber brush tip on one end, which allows you to create medium or bold strokes by simply changing the pressure applied to the paper. The other fine-tip end ensures smooth, straight lines or refined writing, making it perfect for jotting down daily tasks and important reminders.

These blendable and water-based art markers come in a pack of ten vibrant secondary colors, including the updated 533 Peacock Blue. They provide an acid-free and odorless ink that is non-toxic and non-bleeding – ensuring your bullet journal remains pristine over time. Additionally, these Tombow dual brush pens excel at hand-lettering techniques due to their resilient nylon bristles that retain their point stroke after stroke.

Bullet journal enthusiasts can also appreciate these great pens for how easy they are to clean since the pen tips self-clean after blending together two colors. No messy cleanup required! Overall, the Tombow Dual Brush Pens offer excellent quality and versatility for those seeking high-performance tools in elevating their bullet journal experience.



  • Blendable: Tombow Dual Brush Pens Art Markers are designed to blend seamlessly, helping you create beautiful gradients and tones with ease. This feature is perfect for artists who want to create stunning watercolor effects without using traditional watercolor paints.
  • Brush and Fine Tip Markers: The dual brush tip design allows for a versatile range of strokes, from thin and precise lines to thicker strokes that can fill in large areas. Whether you’re working on detailed illustrations or coloring pages, these are the best bullet journal markers for you!
  • Self-Cleaning Tips: The tips of the Tombow Dual Brush Pens Art Markers self-clean after blending, which means you don’t need to worry about your colors getting muddy or diluted. This is particularly helpful when working with multiple colors at once.
  • Acid-Free and Odorless: These markers are acid-free and odorless, making them safe for use in scrapbooks, journals, and other memory-keeping projects. Plus, they won’t emit any unpleasant smells while you work.
  • Water-Based Ink: With a water-based ink formula, these pens are easy to blend together or dilute with water if desired. You can achieve an endless number of shades by mixing different hues together, great for creating unique color palettes!


  • Versatile brush and fine-tip markers for a wide range of creative projects
  • Blendable colors with smooth self-cleaning tips for seamless transitions
  • Acid – free and odorless, making them safe to use for sensitive materials
  • Updated color palette includes 533 Peacock Blue, adding more variety to your artwork


  • May bleed through thin paper
  • Brush tip may fray with heavy use
  • Higher price point compared to other marker options

Versatile Dual-Ended Marker for Creative Professionals.


  • Double-ended design with both brush and fine tips for versatile coloring
  • Assorted ink colors to add variety and creativity to your artwork
  • 15 markers in one set for a complete range of options
  • Brush tip allows for smooth, consistent strokes and texture variation
  • Fine point tip enables precise detail work and outlining
  • Durable plastic construction ensures long-lasting use.

The Zebra Pen Mildliner Brush Marker, Double-Ended Brush, and Fine Tip Pen offer the ultimate versatility to enhance your bullet journaling experience. With 15 assorted soft colors, this pack lets you create visually appealing spreads that are both functional and stylish. The double-ended design features a paintbrush-like tip for creating bold headers and calligraphy accents while the fine marker delivers precise lines ideal for jotting down notes, tasks, or quotes.

Incorporating acid-free ink ensures lasting results by preventing dulling and preserving the integrity of your creations over time. Being water-resistant is another standout feature so you won’t have to worry about accidental spills ruining your hard work. With its soft milk-ink composition, layering colors becomes an effortless task as they blend seamlessly without bleeding through paper. Bullet journal enthusiasts will appreciate how easy it is to achieve professional-looking designs with these user-friendly markers from Zebra Pen.

Not only do these Mildliner Brush Markers offer exceptional performance on their own but they also pair well with other resources such as washi tapes, stencils, or stickers in amplifying your pens for bullet journaling layouts. Enhance your creativity and organization skills with these premium-quality Zebra Pen Mildliner Brush Markers at hand. A perfect choice for beginners and seasoned bullet journalers alike!



  • Create beautiful and lasting art with the Zebra Pen Mildliner Brush Marker. Its acid-free ink ensures that your colors won’t fade over time, allowing you to enjoy your masterpiece for years to come.
  • The fine tip of this brush marker produces sharp lines perfect for detailed writing and outlining, making it a versatile tool for both drawing and writing.
  • With its dual-ended design, this marker allows you to switch seamlessly between a fine-tip pen and a brush pen, giving you two styles in one handy tool.
  • The soft milk ink of the Zebra Pen Mildliner Brush Marker lets you layer colors like a pro with ease, ensuring vibrant hues every time.
  • Whether you’re an artist or simply love adding pops of color to your planner or journal, this 15-pack assorted set offers plenty of gorgeous shades to choose from.


  • Acid-free ink ensures long-lasting, vibrant colors
  • Fine tip enables precise and detailed writing
  • Brush tip allows for versatile stroke thicknesses
  • Double-ended design provides two different writing styles in one tool


  • Limited color selection compared to other marker sets
  • Prone to smudging if not allowed enough time to dry
  • May bleed through thin paper or pages with high saturation

36 Vibrant Colors for Detail Fine Art and Brush Lettering.


  • Dual tip design with fine point and brush marker options for versatile use.
  • 36 vibrant colors to choose from for endless creative possibilities.
  • Can be used for coloring, highlighting, calligraphy, writing, and journaling.
  • Durable plastic material ensures longevity of product.
  • Water-based ink that is non-toxic and safe to use for all ages.

As an avid bullet journal enthusiast, I can confidently recommend the Dual Markers Brush Pen set for all your artistic and organizational needs. This 36-color bullet journal markers pen set features high-quality, dual-tip markers that combine a fine tip with a brush marker, ensuring you have everything you need to create intricate details and vibrant visuals in your bullet journal.

One of the biggest benefits of these markers is their versatility. You can effortlessly switch from delicate linework using the 0.4mm fine tip pens to more expressive strokes with the 1-2mm brush tip pens, by simply applying changes in pressure.

The odorless water-based ink ensures consistent lines without bleeding through pages or toxic fumes filling up your creative space. As someone who values both aesthetics and practicality when it comes to an everyday writing pen and also ones that a great for bullet journaling, I appreciate how this pen set offers a balanced evaluation by fulfilling both aspects.

Incorporating these colorful pens into my daily routine has improved not only the appearance of my planner but also boosted my mood as I enjoy working on creating eye-catching spreads while organizing tasks and notes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist trying out new tools for hand lettering, sketching, calligraphy or just adding pops of color to your day-to-day planning, this Dual Markers Brush Pen set will be an invaluable addition to your arsenal!



  • Dual-tip markers with both a fine point and brush tip for versatile drawing options.
  • Benefit: You can create different line widths and styles with ease, from delicate details to bold strokes.
  • 36 vibrant colors that are non-toxic, acid-free, odorless, and bleed-proof.
  • Benefit: You can use them confidently without worrying about damaging your artwork or harming your health.
  • Complete set comes in a sturdy case for easy storage and portability.
  • Benefit: You don’t have to worry about losing or damaging any of the pens as they come stored neatly in one place.
  • Ideal gift choice for artists, students, kids, etc. Perfect addition to arts and crafts sessions.
  • Benefit: It’s an excellent way to inspire creativity while providing hours of fun-filled creative expression
  • Suitable for various purposes such as calligraphy, sketching, and notetaking bullet journaling among others.
  • Benefit: The dual-tip markers cater to multiple writing needs ensuring no matter what project you’re working on; you have the perfect tool at hand.


  • Vibrant no bleed art markers with odorless water-based ink
  • Dual tips for fine details and brush lettering
  • Non-toxic, acid-free, and no leak
  • Perfect gift for artists, students, kids, and more


  • May not be suitable for those who prefer alcohol-based markers
  • Some users may find the brush tip frays over time with frequent use
  • The set only comes with 36 colors, which may not be enough variety for some artists

Create stunning art with vibrant watercolor brush pens.


  • Set of 30 brush pens with a variety of multi-colored inks
  • Made with eco-friendly materials for conscious use
  • Versatile for a range of artistic styles and techniques
  • Smooth and consistent flow of ink for easy application
  • Compact and portable size perfect for on-the-go creativity
  • High-quality manufacturing by trusted brand Talens

As a bullet journal enthusiast, I understand the importance of having high-quality, colorful brush pens for creating beautiful spreads and designs. That’s where the Talens Ecoline Brush Pen Set of 30 comes in handy. These vibrant, liquid watercolor pens are perfect for both fine details and bold strokes due to their soft, flexible brush tips, measuring at 9mm long. Their total pen length is an impressive 141mm with a diameter of 14mm, providing you with excellent control while creating your artistic masterpieces.

The Talens Ecoline Brush Pen set offers an incredible variety of colors that boast high luminosity which ensures that your bullet journal pages will stand out from the rest. The unique ink formula also allows for seamless blending when working on intricate designs or lettering projects. As a seasoned user, I can personally vouch for these good pens and their stellar performance as they glide smoothly across various types of paper without bleeding through or causing any damage.

To sum it up, the Talens Ecoline Brush Pen Set of 30 delivers professional-grade quality in every stroke while maintaining affordability and accessibility to anyone looking to enhance their bullet journal experience. Whether you’re new to this creative hobby or already have an established passion, these versatile brush pens for bullet journaling are worth adding to your collection!



  • Experience the ultimate artistic freedom with the Talens Ecoline Brush Pen Set of 30, equipped with a soft and flexible brush tip that allows you to create intricate designs effortlessly.
  • Each pen is designed to perfection with a total length of 141 mm and pen diameter of 14 mm, making it easy to hold and control, even for extended periods.
  • The high luminosity liquid watercolor ink used in these pens ensures that your artwork will radiate with vivid and brilliant colors. Perfect for creating masterpiece artworks that stand out from the rest.
  • Achieve professional-grade results every time you use these premium-quality brush pens. Ideal for graphic artists, painters, calligraphers, or anyone looking to explore their artistic potential.
  • Unleash your creativity without worrying about limitations as each set comes complete with thirty unique colors! Experience endless possibilities and take your artistry skills up a notch.


  • Complete set of 30 brush pens for a wide range of artistic projects
  • Soft, flexible brush tip allows for precise and controlled strokes
  • Liquid watercolor with high luminosity adds depth and vibrancy to artwork
  • Compact size makes them easy to store and take on-the-go


  • May bleed through thinner paper
  • No color indicator on pen cap
  • Brush tip may wear out faster with heavy use

Flexible nylon brush tips for watercolor effects.


  • 36 Dual – Tip Markers with Flexible Nylon Brush Tips for versatile use in coloring, drawing, and painting.
  • Fine Point Type for precise detailing and line work.
  • Multicolored Ink perfect for creating vivid and colorful artwork.
  • High-Quality Brand: ARTEZA known for producing premium art supplies that meet professional standards.
  • Convenient Set of 36 markers to provide a wide range of color options in one package.
  • Durable Design made with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance.

As a bullet journaling pens enthusiast, I understand the importance of having versatile, high-quality brush journaling pens around. The Arteza Real Brush Pens are an excellent choice for anyone looking to elevate their journaling experience. This set includes 36 dual-tip markers with flexible nylon brush tips that provide a smooth writing, and precise strokes every time. With its wide range of colors, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect shade for your creative projects.

One standout feature of these professional watercolor pens is their durable and flexible nylon bristles that resist falling out compared to other brands. Whether you’re blending or layering colors in your bullet journal, these brush pens will consistently deliver stunning results. Plus, the ultra-fine bullet nib on each dual-tip marker allows for seamless transitions between broad strokes and fine lines when adding intricate details to your designs.

The included water brush pen adds another level of creativity by enabling dreamy watercolor effects with highly soluble colors, perfect for creating unique layouts in your bullet journal! Built on accessibility and passion for artistry, Arteza’s mission resonates with all levels of artists searching for both high-quality colored pens, and painting supplies at affordable prices. So if you’re looking to enhance your artistic skills while personalizing your bullet journals using amazing coloring tools like Arteza Real Brush Pens, this set should be at the top of your shopping list!



  • Art Supplies for Everyone: Arteza Real Brush Pens are the perfect tool for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, these pens provide high-quality results that everyone can appreciate.
  • Made by Arteza Artists: Our team of artists has put their expertise into crafting these brush pens to ensure they meet your every need. Every stroke with our markers is smooth and seamless, allowing you to create incredible artwork that will last a lifetime.
  • Create Watercolor Effects with Our Water Brush Pen: With our included water brush pen, you’ll be able to create stunning watercolor effects like never before. Experiment with blending and layering your colors in new ways, adding depth and life to your finished work.
  • Durable and Flexible Nylon Bristles: The nylon bristles on Arteza Real Brush Pens are both durable and flexible, providing excellent control when applying color. You won’t have to worry about bristles falling out during use instead, enjoy smooth application every time.
  • Achieve a Variety of Brush Strokes with Our Dual-Tip Brush Pens: The dual-tip design of each marker ensures versatility when it comes to creating different types of strokes. Use the ultra-fine bullet nib for precise detailing or switch over to the brush tip for sweeping lines that bring your work to life.


  • Quality art supplies for all ages and skill levels
  • Water brush pen included to create watercolor effects
  • Durable, flexible nylon bristles that won’t easily fall out
  • Dual-tip design allows for a variety of brush strokes


  • May not be suitable for those who prefer hard-tip markers
  • Some users may find that the colors appear differently on different paper types/brands
  • The water brush pen can take some time to get used to for those who are new to watercolor techniques.

Versatile brush pens for artistic calligraphy smooth writing and drawing.


  • • Dual-Pack: Comes in a set of two, perfect for on-the-go or backup use.
  • • Brush Tip: Unique brush tip allows for versatile calligraphy and lettering designs.
  • • Precise Control: Provides precise control over line thickness and stroke width.
  • • Waterproof Ink: Ink is waterproof and fade-resistant for long-lasting results.
  • • Versatile Use: Ideal for various projects such as illustrations, hand lettering, sketching, etc.
  • • Beginner-Friendly: Suitable for beginners or professionals looking to improve their hand lettering skills.

I have tried many brush pens, but the TombowFudenosuke Brush Pen, 2-Pack has been my go-to choice for its versatility and ease of use. This pack comes with both soft and hard tip brush pens that are perfect for calligraphy and art drawings in your bullet journal. The water-based pigmented black ink provides a rich color payoff without bleed-through or ghosting on most quality paper types.

I particularly love the flexible brush tips that allow me to create extra fine, medium point, fine or medium strokes simply by adjusting the pressure applied during writing or drawing. This feature gives me full control over my lettering styles to make each page in my bullet journal unique and creative.

Thanks to their durability, these Fudenosuke Brush Pens have become an essential part of my bullet journaling supplies pen collection arsenal and I can confidently recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality brush pens for their bullet journal pens and journals.

If you’re searching for reliable brush pens to enhance your artistic expression in bullet journaling, look no further than the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen 2-Pack. These versatile soft and hard-tipped pens offer superb performance for calligraphy enthusiasts as well as those who enjoy adding intricate artwork into their daily planning routines.



  • Experience the versatility of two brush tips in one with the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen, 2-Pack.
  • Soft tip and hard tip water-based, pigmented black ink for an authentic calligraphy look or artistic flair.
  • Achieve precision strokes effortlessly through varying brush pressure; perfect for creating extra fine, fine, or medium lines.
  • Get creative with flexible brush tips ideal for a range of lettering and drawing techniques.
  • Be ready anytime anywhere with both soft and hard tip pens included in your pack, great for beginners to pros!


  • 2 – pack of soft and hard tip brush pens for versatile calligraphy and art drawing
  • Water-based, pigmented black ink creates extra fine to medium strokes with brush pressure
  • Flexible brush tip allows for different lettering and drawing techniques
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens are designed for high-quality results in your creative projects.


  • May not be suitable for left-handed users due to potential smudging
  • Ink may bleed through certain types of paper, requiring thicker paper for optimal use
  • Limited color options as the product only comes in black ink

Create stunning pastel art with dual-tip markers.


  • 24 pastel colors for a wide range of creative possibilities.
  • Dual-tip markers with both fine and brush tips for versatile line widths.
  • Snap closure to keep the pens secure and organized when not in use.
  • Plastic material ensures the durability and longevity of the markers.
  • Extra – fine tip provides precise lines, while brush tip allows for smooth blending and coloring.
  • Suitable for adult artists or hobbyists who prefer using pastel shades in their work.

As a bullet journal enthusiast, I can confidently say that Primrosia 24 Pastel Dual Tip Markers are an essential addition to any artist’s toolkit. These fine tip and brush pens offer versatility and convenience, allowing you to create beautiful illustrations, and calligraphy, or simply organize your planner with style.

The set comes in 24 gorgeous pastel water-based colors that range from pale neutrals to darker greens and grays – perfect for coloring floral sketches or adding a touch of softness to your daily entries.

The double-tipped design is one feature I absolutely love: the brush end allows you to shade, blend, or color large areas while the finer point provides intricate detailing for more precise work. This makes these markers ideal not just for artistic endeavors but also highlighting notes if needed.

The highly pigmented ink dries quickly without bleeding through pages, reducing smudges and ensuring crisp lines every time! Plus, the non-toxic formula ensures these markers are safe for both adults and teens alike.

Aside from its high-quality performance, what sets this product apart is its charming packaging, arriving in a cute ‘greenhouse’ tube with an adorable aesthetic sure to spark inspiration whenever you use them! So whether you’re new to bullet journaling or already experienced in illustration artistry using Primrosia 24 Pastel Dual Tip Markers will undoubtedly enhance your creativity and brighten up each page of your notebook as they did mine!



  • Dual-Tip Design: Get the best of both worlds with Primrosia’s fine tip and brush pens. The fine point is perfect for intricate details and designs, while the brush end allows you to fill larger spaces with ease.
  • No Bleed Ink: With highly pigmented ink that dries quickly, you won’t have to worry about your colors smudging or bleeding through pages. This means crisp lines and vivid hues every time!
  • Beautiful Pastel Colors: This set of 24 water-based markers includes an array of pale and neutral shades, as well as darker greens and grays perfect for nature-inspired sketches. Use them for coloring in adult color books, doodling or designing artistic projects.
  • Versatility: Beyond use on sketchpads, these pastels are also ideal for bullet journaling enthusiasts! Whether it’s calligraphy or note-taking; their non-toxic formula makes these markers safe for adults & teens alike.
  • Aesthetic Packaging: Shrink wrapped into an elegantly designed greenhouse tube packaging which not only serves as a great gift but also keeps your markers organized together.


  • Dual-tipped markers with fine tip and brush pens for versatile use
  • No bleed and quick drying, highly pigmented inks for layering, mixing, and blending colors
  • Suitable for adults, students, and teens, perfect for journaling, planners, calligraphy, lettering, drawing, and coloring
  • 24 water-based pastel colors with color-coded caps packaged in a cute ‘greenhouse’ tube


  • Not suitable for use on thin or cheap paper
  • Limited color range (no bright or vibrant colors)
  • May run out faster if heavily used

Features And Benefits Of Each Brush Pen

I understand the importance of finding the perfect brush pen for creating beautiful and functional spreads. The 10 best brush pens for 2023 each offer unique features and benefits to cater to your individual needs.

Beginners will appreciate the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens, which are known for their easy-to-control firm tip size. This allows those new to brush lettering to create precise lines without worrying about messy ink blotches or inconsistent strokes.

For travelers who enjoy working on their bullet journals while on the go, consider the Colorya Brush Pen as your top choice. It’s compact design makes it convenient for tucking into small spaces in your luggage or bag without taking up too much room; an essential quality when you’re packing light! Its water-based ink formula not only creates stunning shades but it also dries quickly so there’s no need to worry about smudges disrupting your artwork during transit.


To help you find the perfect brush pen for your bullet journaling needs, let’s dive into the features and benefits of each of the top 10 brush pens for 2023.

Brush Pen

Arteza Brush Pen
Flexible nib and vibrant ink colors.
Best overall for calligraphy and versatility in journaling.
Colorya Brush Pen
Compact design and water-based ink.
Ideal for travel and easy blending of colors.
Tombow Brush Pen
Extra-soft brush tip and colorfast ink.
Recommended for beginners due to ease of use.
Hhhouu Brush Pen
Various tip sizes and compatible with different ink types.
Offers versatility for different styles and applications.
Brush Pen with Broad Tip
Wide, flexible tip ideal for bold strokes.
Great for adding large elements and headings in your journal.
Brush Pen with Fine Tip
Thin, precise tip for detailed work.
Best for minor detailing and smaller applications.
Brush Pen with Dual Tips
Two different tip sizes on each end of the pen.
Provides versatility for multiple journaling techniques.
Water Brush Pen
Water-based ink and refillable reservoir.
Allows for easy blending and watercolor effects.
Metallic Brush Pen
Metallic ink for eye-catching accents.
Adds a touch of sophistication and shine to your journal pages.
Erasable Brush Pen
Erasable ink that can be removed with ease.
Perfect for making adjustments and corrections without damaging your journal.


The 10 best bullet journaling pen collection of markers and brush pens for 2023 offer a fantastic variety of options to fuel your creativity and elevate your bullet journaling experience. I highly recommend giving the Primrosia 100 Dual Tip Marker Pens a try as they feature an impressive array of colors, dual-tip design, and high-quality ink that caters to artists at any skill level.

Similarly, the SAKURA Pigma Micron Brush Pens are another excellent choice with their archival quality ink and trusted brand backing. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with either product! So why not treat yourself or surprise someone special in your life with these top-notch brush pens? It’s time to unleash your inner artist and dive into the world of calligraphy or explore new ways of expressing yourself through art.

Are there any brush pens that I missed in the list that you cannot bullet journal without? If so please leave a comment below and I will look into them as soon as I can.

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