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Welcome to the Inspiration Station. Looking for something to help you get into the proper mindset to accomplish your goals? Here we have a collection of photos and music all curated to help you get into the correct mindset to tackle the day. From inspiring images to emotional provoking music, whatever you need to suit your mood we have it. Sit down, relax and get inspired to accomplish your goals.


Chill out

Chill out with soothing pictures, music, and video to either help you relax, or stay relaxed


Get ready to rock the world. Feel the rush of joy and inspiration from your mind to your fingers as you build your next inspired bujo.


Get ready to take on the world or your current task with music and images which help you focus and find your rhythm to get stuff done.


Today is your day! Feeling happy, two thumbs up, and things are just going right. Or, you need a boost to get you into a happy mindset, the music and images will keep you, or get you there.

Reflective Thought

Sometimes you are in the mood of looking back and understanding a particular situation or life in general. Let the music and pictures help with this mind space as you record your thoughts in your bujo.


You know what you know and you are feeling damn good and strong about it! Feeling like you need some confidence while you bujo, this is the place for you too.


You can't contain yourself and it feels great! Feeling down and want to get up? Let the music and pictures support you as you bujo about your bouncy ways.


Find Zen with your deep thoughts and understanding. Search for that place where your breathing slows, and your mind dives deeper into the unknown.


Feel like you need to rage? Does something have your blood boiling? We would rather you relax, sometimes you need to get things off your chest and pour it into your bujo.


Frisky due to someone new in your life or the thought of someone new is crossing your mind? Slide into a new bujo spread and craft what you are feeling while the sounds and images help make your mind race.


Do you feel your mind and body breaking thru a new level? Write down what you are feeling, questions you may have, and make a list of where you want to go next.


You just are not feeling it today and you want to explore why in your bullet journal. We would rather you feel better, but the media will help you understand better why you feel the way you do.


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