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Mastering the Art of Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Explore 25 inspiring and minimalist bullet journal weekly spread ideas and layouts. Master the art of bujo weekly page ideas and layouts for your journal.

If the constant whirlwind of daily engagements and to-dos has you feeling like you’re barely keeping your head above water, then an easy bullet journal weekly spread could alleviate your stress. impeccably crafted bullet journal weekly spread will help you ease this tension. A gorgeous bullet journal could be the life raft you’ve been searching for.

Trust me, I understand. Setting up your weekly spreads might just be the solution you need. The workload from our work, personal ambitions, and the ever-growing to-do list can feel relentless, but a well-structured weekly bullet journal spread can add some order to your chaos. And while bullet journaling stands out as a beacon of organization for many of us in this storm, designing a weekly layout that’s both functional and aesthetically inviting can sometimes seem just out of reach.

But don’t despair; help is near! A perfect weekly bullet journal spread might just be what you need to take your journal to the next level. Having navigated these choppy organizational waters myself, I’ve uncovered some stellar layouts that are big on productivity without cramping your creative style.

Key Takeaways

  • Bullet journal weekly spreads let you see your whole week at once, making it easier to manage tasks and schedules.
  • You can make bullet journal weekly spreads with vertical columns, horizontal layouts, circular designs, Dutch doors, minimalism, or creativity.
  • To set up a spread in your bullet journal, choose a layout style and your favorite bujo pens and decorations like washi tape to stay organized and express yourself.
  • Weekly spreads can help you focus on goals by showing all tasks for the week and including habit trackers or notes sections.
  • Color coding with markers or using stamps for decoration in your bullet journal makes planning enjoyable and personalizes your organization. Create a journal that you love.

What is a Bullet Journal Weekly Spread?

A Bullet Journal Weekly Spread is a layout that helps you plan your week. You draw your weekly page ideas on two pages in your bujo. This spread has spaces for each day of the week where you can write what you need to do, like chores, or meetings.

It also has room for notes, goals, and important things to remember. People use weekly spreads because they can see their whole week at once. This is good if you have a busy life.

You might add a habit tracker or places to write what you’re thankful for too. Each person’s weekly spread looks different because everyone likes different things. Some people make their one-page weekly bullet journal spreads with lots of colors and drawings; others keep it simple and clean.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread versus Daily Spread

Now that you know what a weekly spread is, let’s talk about how it’s different from a daily spread. A bullet journal weekly spread shows all your tasks for the week on one or two pages.

It gives you a quick look at everything you need to include in your weekly bullet journal spread over several days. This can help you plan and see when you have free time.

A daily spread, on the other hand, has more room for each day’s details because it usually takes up one full page per day. Here, you write down all the things you want to do today or notes about what happened.

If your days are packed with different tasks and events, a daily spread or a weekly calendar layout might be good for you. But if you like to see your whole week at once and don’t have as many things to put in every day, then a weekly layout could work better.

Using minimalist spreads can make planning even easier if your life is busy but not too crazy with lots of little details every day. These simple layouts save time and keep stress away by focusing only on what’s most important for the week ahead.

Pens on a bullet journal

Supplies Needed for Setting Up a Weekly Spread Layout

Before diving into the transformation of blank pages into your weekly masterpiece, gather the essentials to bring structure and creativity together. You’ll need a sturdy journal that resonates with your style, along with reliable writing instruments and an array of decorative elements to make each spread uniquely yours.

Bullet Journal

I carry my journal everywhere. It’s the heart of my bullet journal setup. The simple, minimalist bullet journal weekly spread works best for me because it cuts down clutter and lets me focus on what’s important.

I choose a notebook that lays flat with dotted pages, which is perfect for mixing straight lines and creative designs. A black pen is always at hand to jot down tasks and notes quickly.

My weekly spread includes a section for each day where I track key tasks, then smaller areas for meal planning and quick notes. A ruler helps keep lines clean, creating an easy-to-follow layout that saves time during a busy week.

To add just a little bit of color without distraction, monochrome highlighters become my go-to tool; they spice up the page while keeping the look neat and cohesive.

Writing Materials

Having the right writing materials is key for your bullet journal weekly spread. You want pens that glide across the page without bleeding through. Some people love fine-tip pens for neat, small writing, while others prefer markers or brush pens for bold headings and accents.

It’s smart to have a mix of black pens for basic writing and colored ones to make important notes stand out.

Erasable pens can be lifesavers if you like to change things up or make mistakes sometimes. And don’t forget a good pencil and eraser, they’re perfect when you’re planning layouts you might want to adjust later on.

Stick with tools that feel comfortable in your hand because you’ll be using them a lot!

Decorative Supplies, Washi Tape, Stickers

To make your bullet journal weekly spread pop, you’ll want to gather some decorative supplies. Stickers, colored pens, and washi tape are great for adding a personal touch. You can use them to highlight important events or just to make your pages look fun.

They also help you spot different parts of your week at a glance in your one-page weekly bullet journal.

Brush markers are perfect for those neat headers and titles. With a little practice, you can create beautiful brush-lettered looks that bring elegance to each page. Don’t forget a good ruler too; it’s handy for making clean lines and boxes! With these tools, your bullet journal will not only be organized but also reflect your style and creativity, providing weekly spread layout ideas you can experiment with.

Different Styles of Weekly Spreads

Delving into the various styles of weekly spreads can transform your bullet journal from a simple planner to a canvas of personal expression and efficiency. I’ll guide you through innovative layouts that cater to diverse needs, ensuring each week is not just planned but also inspires creativity and focus in your daily life.

Vertical Columns

Vertical columns in your bullet journal weekly spread are like secret weapons for staying organized. Imagine you have a clear view of your week, with each day standing tall in its own space.

You can quickly jot down tasks, track habits, and plan meals without cluttering the page. This simple setup works wonders if you love to see everything at a glance.

Using a vertical layout in your weekly spread also helps keep your planning neat and easy to read. You might use different sections within these columns for all sorts of lists, work tasks, personal reminders, or even tracking water intake.

And because this simple spread is so straightforward, it saves time. No need to search through messy notes when everything, including your gorgeous weekly calendar layout, has its place in your bullet journal!

Horizontal Layouts

Moving from vertical columns to horizontal layouts, let’s explore the simplicity and elegance they bring to bullet journal weekly spreads. A horizontal layout arranges your week across the pages from left to right.

This style is perfect for those who love a clean look and want all their weekly tasks in one line of sight. It works like a charm if you prefer an easy minimalist approach but still enjoy adding small personal touches.

Each day gets its own horizontal space, allowing for clear separation of daily goals and appointments. You might decorate with simple stickers or doodles along the top or bottom for a bit of flair without overcrowding the page.

Think about using light washi tape to define each day’s section or just rely on neat lines drawn with your favorite pen. Horizontal designs can be both functional and beautiful, proving that less often is more when it comes to organizing your week efficiently in your bullet journal.

Circular Spread

After exploring the straight lines of horizontal layouts, let’s dive into something different with circular spreads. These unique designs can add a fun twist to your weekly bullet journal pages.

Imagine drawing a big circle in the middle of your page and using slices to section off each day of the week. It looks a bit like a pie chart or the face of a clock.

You write tasks and events for Monday in one slice, then do the same for Tuesday in the next, and so on through Sunday. This layout gives you an at-a-glance view that feels natural, just like checking the time! Circular spreads, a unique type of layout, may challenge your creativity but they also make your bujo weekly spread stand out.

They’re great if you enjoy sketching and want to break away from standard grids or lines. And even though it’s round, your one-page weekly bullet journal still has plenty of room for all your notes, reminders, bits of inspiration, and weekly layout ideas!

With this approach, every simple weekly spread becomes more than just a list; it turns into artwork that reflects our busy lives enclosed within serene circles in our gorgeous bullet journals. Give it a try and see how rotating through your tasks can make planning feel fresh again.

A monthly spread for January 2024 with a Dutch Door

Dutch Door Spread

The Dutch Door Spread is a game changer for my weekly pages. I cut out some parts of the page to make flip-out sections. This lets me see my whole week at once while giving me extra space for notes and tasks.

It’s like having a secret door in my journal that opens up to even more room for bullet journal weekly log ideas!

I love how flexible this simple spread is in my gorgeous bujo. With the Dutch Door, I create special spots for daily to-do lists or track habits without cluttering the main weekly view. It keeps everything neat but still packed with all the details I need.

Try it, and watch your weekly spread transform!

Minimalist Spread

Moving from the intricate Dutch Door spread, a minimalist spread is like taking a deep breath. This easy minimalist weekly spread keeps your focus on what’s important. It’s simple and easy to follow. You grab your journal and some writing tools and you are off to the races. No need to plan or overthink your design.

Then you draw neat lines for each day of the week. Use brush-lettered headers to name each section clearly.

A simple weekly spread in the bullet journal helps you track tasks quickly without fuss. With clean spaces and no distractions, you can see your plans at a glance. Some people love adding little touches with stencils or washi tape, just enough to make it personal but not too busy.

Creative Weekly Spread

Let’s get your bullet journal weekly spread to pop with some creativity! You don’t have to be an artist to create gorgeous spreads. Just grab some colorful markers and some washi tape to really make a difference while keeping things simple.

With these, you can make cool patterns or borders around your days of the week. Try using stencils for neat shapes or stamps for fun icons. Take your journal to the next level.

Your pages will look amazing with just a little washi tape here and there. Oh, and those date stickers? They’re perfect for adding style without effort. Each time you open your journal, it’ll feel like a fresh burst of inspiration waiting to help you plan out your best week yet!

Bullet journal weekly spread with 7 boxes across it with the name of the day in the box

Steps to Create a Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

Creating a bujo weekly spread can help organize your thoughts and tasks. It’s like making a map for your week that guides you every day.

  1. Pick up your journal and choose the pages you’ll use for your weekly spread.
  2. Decide on a layout that works best for you, whether it’s vertical columns, horizontal rows, or something more creative.
  3. Draw the basic outline of your layout with a pencil, so you can erase if needed.
  4. Use a ruler to keep lines straight and spaces even; this helps your spread look neat.
  5. Section off areas for each day of the week, starting with Monday or Sunday, whichever you prefer.
  6. Add sections for notes, tasks, goals, or weekly trackers on the side of the page when you start a bullet journal.
  7. Think about what colors and writing materials will make your spread fun and personal.
  8. Start filling in the days with tasks and appointments using pens or markers.
  9. Decorate with stickers, washi tape, or drawings to make it visually appealing but still functional.
  10. Look over your work to see if there’s space left for any last-minute items you might need to add during the week.

Tips for Optimizing Your Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

Now that you’ve created your weekly spread, let’s make sure it’s the best it can be. Here are tips to help you optimize your bullet journal weekly layout, including ideas to try that can make your weekly planner more efficient.

  1. Start with a clear goal for your week. Know what you want to achieve. This helps you focus on important tasks.
  2. Keep it simple. Use an easy minimalist bullet journal weekly spread, especially if you’re new to this.
  3. Choose simple and easy-to-follow layouts that fit your needs. Try vertical columns or horizontal layouts, depending on how you like to see your week.
  4. Use color coding for quick reference. Assign colors to different activities or priorities.
  5. Incorporate habit trackers into your weekly spreads to try keeping up with good habits or starting new ones.
  6. Leave space for notes and reflections. A small section where you can jot down thoughts can be really useful.
  7. Review and update throughout the week to stay on track with your goals and tasks.
  8. Experiment with decorative elements like Everyday Explorers stamps to make planning enjoyable and personalized.
  9. Plan time for self-care each week, ensuring that it’s as much of a priority as other tasks in your bullet journal layout.
  10. Check off completed tasks for a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep going!
A visually appealing weekly bullet journal spread with artistic calligraphy captured in a flat lay photograph.


Wrapping up, these bullet journal ideas make weekly planning fun and simple. They help you keep track of your days easily. With just a notebook and a pen, you can start your own amazing layouts. You can create anything from a minimalist layout to beautiful spreads, the choice is yours. Maybe it is a super simple one page, or one with multiple pages which includes a Dutch Door.

If enjoying educational videos is more your thing, I set up a YouTube channel just for you. If you have a favorite weekly spread and it is working very well for you, please leave a comment below so you can share what it is made up of with the community. Have any questions about what I covered in this article? If so, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


1. What is a bullet journal weekly spread?

A weekly spread in a bullet journal is where you plan out seven days on one or two pages. It helps keep track of your week’s tasks and events.

2. How can I make my bullet journal weekly spreads amazing?

You can try different ideas to make your bullets journal weekly spreads stand out, like adding creative spreads with fun colors or drawings.

3. Are there easy layouts for beginners?

Yes, simple bullet journal ideas include minimalist weekly spreads that are easy to set up and perfect for starters.

4. Can I use printables in my bujo weekly spread?

Absolutely! Weekly printables are great to quickly add cool designs to your pages if you’re short on time.

5. Where do I find inspiration for new layout ideas?

The bullet journal community online has many inspiring examples of amazing bullet journal weekly setups and weekly page ideas that you can try for yourself.

6. Is it okay to mix monthly and weekly logs in the same bullet journal?

Sure! You can have both monthly spreads and a separate page for each week’s setup so everything you need is right there in your bullet journal.

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