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Master the Art of How To Use Bullet Journal Stencils: How To Get Organized in Minutes

A set of bullet journal stencils

Are you staring at the blank pages of your bullet journal, unsure how to transform them into organized layouts that are both functional and aesthetic? Many bullet journal enthusiasts face this creative blockade, struggling to bring their vision to life amidst the sea of limitless possibilities.

Searching for a tutorial on bullet journaling? Remember, there’s a simple tool that can bridge this gap; the humble stencil.

Bullet journal stencils are versatile accessories designed specifically for customizing your planner or journal with precision and ease. Their convenience lies in offering ready-made shapes, letters, and patterns which streamline the creation process, helping you achieve intricate designs without spending hours free-handing every detail.

This article will guide you through understanding and effectively using stencils to help elevate your bullet journal game.

Stencils will help you unlock the secrets behind flawless bullet journal spreads as we delve into different ways to use stencils, techniques for different writing instruments, storage tips, and more. Ready to add flair to your pages effortlessly? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Bullet journal stencils help create neat designs quickly, saving time and improving the look of your pages.
  • There are many types of stencils, like grids for straight lines or circles for tracking habits, which fit into different journaling needs.
  • Use pens that match the detail level you want when tracing over stencils. Fine tips for small spaces and brush pens for bold lines.
  • Store your bullet journal stencils in a safe place like a back pocket or special box to keep them flat and ready to use.
  • Practice with different pens and techniques on scrap paper first to get comfortable using stencils without smudging.

Understanding Bullet Journal Stencils

A bullet journal spread open to show how it helps with procrastination

Bullet journal stencils are tools that help you make neat designs and layouts quickly. They come with cutouts of shapes, lines, banners, and more. You just put the stencil on your page and draw through it with a pen or marker.

This way, your pages look tidy and pretty without needing lots of drawing skills.

Stencils can be made from plastic or metal. Both kinds work well for tracing onto journal pages. Use them to add dates, headers, boxes for lists, or decorations to your bullet journal.

They’re good for making your pages look organized and nice in less time than if you drew everything by hand.

Types of Bullet Journal Stencils

Bullet journal stencils come in an array of designs, each tailored to elevate your journaling experience and streamline your creative process. From the fundamental shapes that compose the framework of your pages to intricate patterns for ornate embellishments, these tools are crafted to ignite endless possibilities within your bujo spreads.

Essential Stencils

Essential stencils are key tools for making your bullet journal look great and stay organized. Trackers, boxes, borders, and icons make up this important set. With these stencils, you can quickly draw neat lines and shapes in your journal.

They help you to track habits, plan your week, or make lists that are nice to look at, especially when you know the different ways to use those stencils.

You’ll find using essential stencils pretty easy. Hold them firm on the page with one hand and use a pen or pencil in your other hand to follow the cut-out areas. This way you create clean designs every time.

With these basic shapes, you will be able to decorate your pages in many different ways, from tracking daily water intake with cute droplet icons to outlining a favorite quote with a decorative border.

Using essential stencils is a simple method to add both function and style to your bujo spreads!

Grid Stencils

Grid stencils can be your best friend for creating neat, straight lines in your bullet journal. They’re perfect when you want to track habits or make weekly spreads that look clean and organized.

With a grid stencil, you simply place it on the page and trace along the edges with a pen or pencil. This way, every box is the same size and lined up just right.

Using these stencils saves time and keeps your pages tidy without needing a ruler for each line. Plus, they’re durable like metal stencils and easy to use over and over again due to storying them in the back pocket of your journal. For those who want to share their love for keeping their journaling neat and orderly, grid stencils are an easy way to quickly create that professional look.

Circle Stencils

Moving from straight lines and squares, circle stencils open up a world of curves and creativity in your bullet journal. You can make all kinds of round shapes with these stencils.

They’re great for creating circular trackers where you can mark your habits or goals. You just place the stencil on the page and use a pen to trace around it.

These circle templates aren’t just for tracking; they also add nice decorative touches to your pages. And when you’re done, you can put them away easily since they fit right in the back pocket of most journals.

Bullet journaling becomes even more fun as you design unique spreads that stand out with eye-catching circles!

Geometric Stencils

After exploring circle stencils, let’s dive into geometric stencils. These shapes are great for creating eye-catching titles and headers. They add a cool look to cover pages and weekly spreads too.

In various ways, you can use different sizes and styles of geometric stencils to make your bullet journal stand out.

Using these tools is a smart way to save time and get neat results every time. If you want to track goals or money, try using habit tracker stencils. Do you need fancy borders? Stencils are made to assist. Banner and divider designs are perfect for this job! To keep them ready for the next project, just wipe them clean after use.

The way to use your journal’s back pocket or a special box is to tuck in those meticulously created layout pieces so they stay safe and flat.

Banner and Divider Stencils

Moving beyond simple shapes, banner and divider stencils can add a special touch to your bullet journal pages. With these stencils, you can create stylish headers and sections that make your spreads look neat and organized.

They come in different designs so you can pick the perfect style for any theme or occasion. Use them to draw attention to important notes or separate ideas. Banners and dividers bring an extra layer of creativity to your pages, turning ordinary entries into works of art!

These stencils are easy to use with a fine pen for sharp lines or a brush pen for a bold effect. Remember to keep your stencils close so you can grab them with ease for convenience when inspiration strikes. If you are putting together a bullet journal travel kit, or love to bujo in nature, you may want to find smaller stencils so you can bring more with you on your journey.

How to Use Bullet Journal Stencils

Mood tracker grid

Discover the art of precision and personalization in your bullet journaling journey as you delve into the practical steps on harnessing a stencil’s full potential. Transform blank pages into masterpieces with ease, utilizing bullet journal stencils to elevate your organizational and creative prowess.

Starting with Stencils

Bullet journal stencils can make your pages look great. They are easy to use once you know how.

  • Choose your stencil set. Pick from letter stencils, flower shapes, or geometric patterns to match your style.
  • Place the stencil flat on your bullet journal page. Make sure it doesn’t move by holding it firmly or using washi tape.
  • Select a pen that works well with stencils. Fineliners and ballpoint pens are good choices for fine details.
  • Begin tracing the shapes with your pen. Keep the tool upright for cleaner lines and better control.
  • Add color to your designs if you like. You can use colored pencils, markers, or even paintbrushes.
  • Create a habit tracker easily with a grid stencil. Using stencils can help you make straight lines and neat bullet journal spreads quickly.
  • Use circle stencils for making patterns or decorative elements that stand out on your page. It’s my favorite way to use them.
  • Carefully lift the stencil from the corner to avoid smudging any ink.
  • Clean the stencil right after using it. Remember to wipe away any ink off your stencils with a cloth so they’re ready for next time you like to use them.
  • Store your stencils in their box or slip them into your bullet journal’s back pocket.

Stenciling Tips And Techniques

Using stencils in your bullet journal adds fun shapes and designs. Here are some ways to get the best results with your bullet journal stencil set:

  • Pick the right tool: Choose a fine-tip pen or a mechanical pencil for clean lines. This helps you trace without smudging.
  • Lightly trace: Start by tracing lightly to avoid heavy marks. You can always go over the lines again to darken them.
  • Keep it clean: Between uses, wipe off any ink or pencil from your plastic stencil. This will stop unwanted marks on other pages.
  • Add layers: Build up designs by using different types of stencils together. Try combining grid stencils with banners for unique layouts.
  • Practice makes perfect: Try different pens and pencils on scrap paper first. Get comfortable with how they move around the edges of the stencil.
  • Rotate for symmetry: Rotate circle stencils as you draw, for even shapes all around. This is great for making wheels or flowers.
  • Use colors: Bring life to your pages with colorful pens or brush pens. They can make your designs pop!
  • Mix and match fonts: If you have alphabet stencils, use them to create eye-catching titles in various fonts.


You now know the secrets of using bullet journal stencils. Understanding the way to use stencils in during your bujo journey can make your pages look great and save time. Try them with pens, paints, or even watercolors. Remember to stick the stencil down with washi tape to keep it still! Go ahead and make your journal pages stand out!

If you have any questions about any of the tips and techniques I have covered in this article, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Has using stencils, like metal stencils or DIY bullet journal stencils, upped your enjoyment and ease of creating spreads such as habit trackers, or meal planners? If so please share your experience with stencils in the comments below, and the impact they have made on your bullet journaling. This will help others who are still on the fence if they are worth the small investment and time spent mastering these tools.


1. What is a bullet journal stencil?

A bullet journal stencil is a tool made of plastic or metal that helps you draw shapes, letters, and designs easily in your notebook.

2. Can I make my own stencils for my bullet journal?

Yes, you can make your own stencils using materials like plastic sheets and tools like a Cricut machine to cut out different shapes.

3. How do I use these stencils in my journal?

To use the stencil, hold it firmly against your page and trace around the edges with a small pen or pencil to create neat designs in your journal or planner.

4. What are some ways I can use stencils in my bullet journals?

Stencils can be used to create fun layouts, themed pages, and even track habits. They come in all shapes like stars or hearts to help decorate your pages.

5. Where can I find the best bullet journal stencils?

If you’re ready to start, you can find great stencils, such as metal stencils or DIY bullet journal stencils, in craft stores or online shops that offer DIY supplies for notebooks.

6. Do you have any ideas for how else to use these stencils?

Beyond drawing outlines, try using distress ink on the stencil if you’d like to stamp colors into designs on your A5 journal pages for an artistic touch!

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