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Flower Pressing Secrets Revealed: Elevate Your Bullet Journaling Game!

Dried flowers laid out in a journal

Are you captivated by the grace and charm of pressed flowers found in bullet journals? I can tell from personal experience, it’s quite a sight to behold. The fascination over how these dainty fragments of nature could be incorporated into my journal was what drew me towards this art form.

However, flower pressing isn’t as intricate as it seems, with the proper instruction, anyone can master it! In this article, we’re all set to unravel the methods for perfect flower pressing and creative ways to integrate them into your bullet journaling adventure.

All set to add a splash of color and life to those journal pages? Let’s embark on this fascinating journey of flower pressing together!


Key Takeaways

  • Use an iron with parchment paper to press flowers for your bullet journal. Place the flowers between two sheets of parchment paper, apply gentle pressure with a warm iron, and repeat until the flowers are dry.
  • Press flowers using a flower press or heavy books with parchment paper. Layer the flowers between absorbent paper in the press or books, stack them underweight, and leave them undisturbed for several weeks.
  • Try drying and preserving flowers quickly with silica gel. Place the flowers in an airtight container filled with silica gel and wait for them to dry completely.
  • Consider using a microwave flower press to speed up the pressing process. Follow the instructions provided with your kit and heat the press in short intervals until the flowers are dried.
  • Not only can you use these methods for flowers but for leaves as well once the seasons start to change!
dried flowers being arranged on a piece of paper

Methods for Pressing Flowers for Bullet Journaling

There are several methods you can use to press flowers for your bullet journaling projects. One option is to use an iron with parchment paper. Simply place the flowers between two sheets of parchment paper, set your iron on a low heat setting, and apply gentle pressure for a few seconds.

Another method is using a flower press or heavy books with parchment paper. Place the flowers between layers of absorbent paper or blotting paper inside the press or books, and leave them to dry and flatten for closer to four weeks each.

Silica gel can also be used to dry and preserve flowers quickly by absorbing moisture from them. Finally, there are microwave flower presses available on the market which allow you to speed up the pressing process in just minutes.

Using an iron with parchment paper

Creating beautiful pressed flowers for your bullet journal can be easy with the use of an iron and parchment paper. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Begin by selecting a flower in full bloom from your garden or a pretty bouquet.
  2. Next, place your chosen flower between two pieces of parchment paper.
  3. Flatten the blossoms carefully using a heavy book.
  4. Now, it’s time to apply heat to your flowers.
  5. Place another piece of parchment paper on top of your flower before you press down with an iron.
  6. Keep the iron on the parchment paper for about 20 seconds – no need to rush this part!
  7. Check if there is any moisture left in your flowers – they should feel like tissue paper when fully dried and pressed.
  8. If they aren’t dry yet, repeat steps 5-7 as needed until all moisture is gone.

Using a flower press or heavy books with parchment paper

I press flowers using a wooden press, a flower press, or heavy books padded with parchment paper, simple tools that anyone can find at home. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Select fresh, vibrant flowers from your garden.
  2. Carefully place each flower face-down on a sheet of parchment paper.
  3. Cover the bloom with another layer of parchment paper.
  4. Sandwich this setup between two pieces of cardboard.
  5. Insert this parcel into a thick book or suitable flower press.
  6. Stack more heavy books on top to apply even pressure and leave undisturbed for about three to four weeks.
  7. After drying time, gently open the book and carefully remove the pressed flowers.

You can also DIY your own flower press. There are multiple tutorials out there that are very helpful in showing you how to do it yourself.

Using silica gel to dry and preserve flowers

Silica gel offers an effective and quick way to dry and preserve flowers for your bullet journal. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose vibrant and fresh flowers from your garden or bouquet.
  2. Cut the stems close to the base of the flowers.
  3. Pour a layer of silica gel into an airtight container, ensuring it’s deep enough to fully cover your flowers.
  4. Position the blooms in the container and avoid letting them touch each other.
  5. Sprinkle more silica gel over the flowers, completely covering them.
  6. Securely close the container, so no moisture from outside gets inside.
  7. Wait about 2 to 7 days for full drying which helps to retain their natural color and beauty.
  8. Carefully remove dried flowers from silica gel as they can be fragile.

Using a microwave flower press

I love using a microwave flower press for pressing flowers in my bullet journal. It’s a quick and efficient method that allows me to dry flowers in a shorter amount of time. Plus, the flowers pressed with a microwave flower press come out beautifully. Here’s how you can use a microwave flower press for your own bullet journaling:

  1. Start by placing the flowers inside the microwave flower press, following the instructions provided with your kit.
  2. Close the press tightly to ensure even pressure on the flowers.
  3. Place the microwave flower press in the microwave and set it to low heat.
  4. Microwave the press for short intervals, checking on the flowers after each interval.
  5. The drying time will vary depending on the type of flowers and their moisture content, so be patient and check regularly.
  6. Flowers are considered dry when they feel papery to touch.
  7. Once your flowers are dry, carefully remove them from the press and store them in a cool, dry place.

Tips for Achieving Vibrant Pressed Flowers

To achieve vibrant pressed flowers for your bullet journal, choose fresh and vibrant flowers, use acid-free paper or parchment paper, properly store the pressed flowers, and consider using flower sealants or sprays.

Choosing fresh and vibrant flowers

To achieve vibrant pressed flowers for your bullet journal, note that it’s important to only choose flowers with fresh and vibrant blooms. Look for unblemished flowers that are in full bloom, as they will have the most vibrant colors and beautiful petal structures.

Popular choices for pressing include forget-me-nots, dog violets, snowdrops, snowflakes, and dwarf daffodils. Remember that flowers with lower moisture content tend to dry quicker and are therefore better suited for pressing.

Before starting the pressing process, make sure to remove any dust or dampness from the flowers and trim them as needed. By selecting the freshest and most vibrant flowers, you’ll create stunning pressed flower decorations for your journal pages.

Using acid-free paper or parchment paper

I always recommend using acid-free paper or parchment paper when pressing flowers for your bullet journal. This type of paper helps preserve the vibrancy and color of the pressed flowers over a longer period of time, preventing yellowing and deterioration.

Good absorbent paper choices include parchment paper, coffee filters, blotting paper, or watercolor paper. It’s important to choose a thin paper that can absorb moisture well but won’t damage delicate flower petals.

So when pressing your beautiful blooms, opt for acid-free or parchment paper to ensure long-lasting results in your bullet journal pages.

Properly storing pressed flowers

Properly storing pressed flowers is crucial for maintaining their vibrant colors and preserving their beauty. To ensure long-lasting results, keep your pressed flowers away from moisture, direct sunlight, and heat sources.

Choose a storage space or location that is cool, dry, and dark to prevent any damage or fading. Consider using acid-free paper or archival sleeves to protect the delicate petals from discoloration or deterioration over time.

By taking note of these precautions, you can enjoy your beautiful pressed flowers for many years to come.

Remember to store your pressed flowers in a way that maintains their flat shape and prevents them from getting crushed or bent. You can use a photo album with acid-free pages or create your own storage system using thin cardboard, and tissue paper.

Consider using flower sealants or sprays

I highly recommend considering flower sealants or sprays to enhance the vibrancy and longevity of your pressed flowers. These products not only help preserve the color but also prevent the petals from rotting over time.

By applying a sealant or spray to your dried flowers, you can ensure that they retain their beautiful appearance for longer periods. In bullet journaling, flower sealants or sprays can be used as decorative elements, adding an extra touch of charm to your pages while preserving your pressed flowers at the same time.

You may even use hairspray as a simple and affordable alternative for sealing pressed flowers and maintaining their color and appearance.

vibrant colored dried flowers spread all over a table.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Pressed Flowers in Bullet Journaling

Pressed flower collages or other leaf arrangements are a beautiful way to add natural elements to your bullet journal. Simply arrange the pressed flowers in various designs and shapes, then glue them onto your journal pages for a stunning botanical display.

Another thing you can do is insert the individual pressed flowers onto specific entries or sections of your journal. There are many ways to add pressed flowers to your journal. Pressing flowers can be a way for you to remember certain events in your life like your wedding.

Additionally, one thing you will want to consider when creating dedicated flower sections is how to put them into your journal. There are different ways you can go about this. For example, you can glue or tape each flower down.

Pressed flower collages or arrangements

Creating pressed flower collages or arrangements is a wonderful way to incorporate the beauty of nature into your bullet journaling practice. Here are some creative ideas for using pressed flowers in your journal:

  1. Arrange a stunning floral collage by arranging different shapes and colors of pressed flowers on a page. Experiment with different layouts and designs to create visually appealing compositions.
  2. Try layering different sizes and types of pressed flowers to create depth and dimension in your collages. Play around with overlapping petals and leaves to achieve an artistic effect.
  3. Create dedicated sections or pages in your journal specifically for pressed flower arrangements. This can be a beautiful way to showcase various blooms throughout the seasons or highlight specific themes such as weddings, summer gardens, or favorite blossoms.

How to insert your pressed flowers into your bullet journal

I love incorporating pressed flowers into my bullet journal. Here are some ideas for how you can pin your flowers into your journal.

  • After you create pressed flowers you can use tape or glue to put them down in your bullet journal.
  • Use small pieces of washi tape to attach single-pressed flowers to specific sections of your journal, such as monthly spreads or daily entries.
  • Super glue or hot glue are some of the types of glue you can use to pin these pressed flowers to your journal.
  • Keep in mind that these flowers are delicate structures so make sure to handle each flower with care.

Other ways to use pressed flowers in your journal

I love using pressed flowers as decorative accents in my bullet journal. They add a touch of natural beauty and bring my pages to life. Here are some creative ways you can incorporate pressed flowers into your journaling practice:

  1. Creating dedicated flower pages: Arrange them like a frame with borders, creating stunning visual displays that capture the essence of nature that you can visit when you are creating spreads.
  2. Using pressed flowers as decorative accents: Place pressed flowers strategically around your journal pages as beautiful embellishments. You can arrange them alongside text, drawings, or even use them to frame essential notes or dates.
  3. Use small blooms as bullet points or decorative accents alongside your journal entries. Creating dedicated flower sections or pages
  4. Using pressed flowers as decorative accents: Add smaller pressed flowers as decorative accents throughout your journal. You can place them around headers, borders, or even use them as bullet points.
  5. You can create a flower index where you document each type of flower you press, along with their names and dates.
  6. Adding flowers to journal prompts or gratitude lists: Incorporate pressed flowers into your journal prompts or gratitude lists by drawing or printing floral designs next to each entry. This adds an extra visual element to your reflections.
  7. Tape-pressed flowers onto pages near your journal prompts to bring a burst of color and life to your writing.Adding flowers to journal prompts or gratitude lists
  8. Create a dedicated page for a flower illustration and write your prompt or list in the middle, surrounded by beautiful petals.
  9. Create a memory page and put the flowers from an event in your life into your journal and write about that event. This makes for a nice page to come back to and add to your index.
Red dried flowers laid out on a journal page


Pressing flowers for bullet journaling is a wonderful way to add natural beauty and creativity to your pages. By using simple methods like an iron with parchment paper, a flower press or heavy books, silica gel, or even a microwave flower press, you can easily preserve the vibrant colors of your favorite blooms.

With some tips on choosing fresh flowers and proper storage techniques, you can create stunning pressed flower collages and arrangements that will bring joy and inspiration to your bullet journaling experience.

I would like to note that these flower-pressing methods can be used for leaves as well! I like to change up my journal decorations throughout the changing seasons so finding the best autumn flower to press is always so fun to me. I would use the same supplies for pressing leaves as I would flowers. I love this because it feels like free options for bullet journal decoration!

So go ahead and explore the world of pressed flowers, it’s time to let your creativity blossom! Take your journal out in nature, find some pretty flowers, and get ready to press them! I would love to see what you guys come up with so if you decide to try this out for your bullet journal feel free to tag bujocenter on Instagram!

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**Affiliate Disclaimer: This website may contain links to affiliate websites. When and if you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase through that link, I may receive a small commission for any purchases made by you on the affiliate website using such links. Purchases you make through these affiliate links are at no additional cost to you. This means you will pay the same price for the purchase as everyone else.

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