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Travel Journal Supplies: Essential Guide to Creating a Travel Bullet Journal Kit and Updating Your Journaling Supplies

A bullet journal travel kit which makes up of a journal, some pens, and a messenger bag

Are you gearing up for a journey and looking to consolidate all your ideas and memories in one cozy spot?  You’re definitely not sailing that ship alone. A bunch of us travelers find the task of recalling every snippet of our escapades. Right from the get-go of packing to seizing those once-in-a-lifetime snapshots. A bit overwhelming. A travel collection in your journal can help manage this!

It’s easy to find yourself in that boat, trying to keep track of it all. Bujo can make this task simpler. After diving into quite a bit of research, I stumbled upon something that completely transformed my travel experience: crafting a travel bullet journal kit.

This guide is your friendly companion on setting sail with the ideal ally for all your ventures. A bullet journal travel kit with a selection for the very best experience. Aimed at assisting with organizing your trip, creating packing lists, and chronicling every step of your journey in an imaginative manner, this guide has got you covered.

From advice on picking out the perfect journal and writing utensils to selecting sticker sets, even tips on designing your page layouts, this article packs a punch. Prep yourself to make your upcoming adventure truly monumental!

Key Takeaways

  • A bullet journal travel kit helps you plan, pack, and remember every part of your trip. It includes a durable notebook, colorful pens, stickers, and more tools for creativity.
  • You can use your bullet journal to keep track of travel times, organize tickets and documents, manage your budget while traveling, and document all the fun memories.
  • Packing essentials like a portable printer for photos and small scissors lets you add pictures and tokens to your journal on the go.
  • Stencils in your kit can make designing pages quick and easy. They help with laying out plans or tracking spending in a neat way using spreads.
  • Reflecting on your travels with post-trip journaling prepares you for future adventures by learning what worked well or needs improvement from past experiences, especially when using detailed spreads.

The Adventure Book, a Travel Collection: Enhancing Your Travel Experience using a Bullet Journal

A bullet journal turns into my best friend during trips. It helps me keep everything in one place and I use it to plan out each day. This includes where I’ll go and what essentials to pack.

My travel kit is always ready with a durable journal, a variety of writing utensils, and stickers for quick notes. These tools make planning fun and easy.

During the trip, my bullet journal becomes a diary filled with adventures and pictures, a true creative travel collection. Using scrapbook paper and washi tape, I stick in tickets and photos right away. This way, I don’t lose small but precious memories.

Each night, I jot down the day’s highlights, using colorful markers to bring stories to life on paper.

Maximizing Your Bullet Journal for Efficient Travel

Using a bullet journal makes travel easier. You can plan your trip, pack just what you need, and keep memories all in one place.

Adventure Journal: Planning Your Adventure with Bujo

I love planning adventures with my bullet journal. It keeps everything organized and sparks excitement for my trips, especially when using a well-structured diary.

  • Choose a destination that excites you and consider documenting it in your journal. Think about places you’ve dreamed of visiting or activities you love doing and note them . List your ideas in your bullet journal.
  • Research your chosen spot and note it down in your planner bullet journal. Look up the best times to go, things to do, and places to eat, and jot them down in your bullet journal. A good mix of popular spots and hidden gems makes your world travel trips special; record them in your bullet journal spreads.
  • Create a budget in your journal. Note how much you can spend on travel, food, lodging, and fun activities. This helps avoid financial surprises.
  • Sketch a rough itinerary. Block out dates for travel, adventures, rest days, and anything else important. Flexibility is key, so don’t overpack your schedule. Keep a writing journal to track any changes.
  • List must-have items for your travel packing, including a reliable notepad. Include clothes for the weather, gadgets like cameras or power banks, and any special gear like hiking boots or snorkels.
  • Gather travel documents needed for your journey, passport, IDs, tickets, and note their expiry dates in your journal pdf.
  • Make a packing list using categories like clothes, toiletries, electronics, and first aid supplies to stay organized.
  • Start a section for addresses and contacts like hotels or friends abroad in case your phone dies.
  • Plan how to get from one place to another within your destination. Car rental information, train schedules or walking routes all go here.
  • Finally, create pages where you can jot down thoughts and experiences during your trip or stick in tickets and photos as memories.

These steps make travel planning with my bullet journal both fun and efficient!

Essentials for Your Journey; Bullet Journal Travel Starter Kit

Packing the right items can make all the difference. It helps you stay organized to capture every moment of your adventure.  Here’s what you should pack: Include a bullet journal set to keep all your plans in one place.

  • Durable Journal: Pick a hardcover notebook that can endure being tossed in bags. Make sure it has plenty of pages for all your entries.
  • Multipurpose Pens: Bring pens that don’t bleed through paper. Having different pastel colors helps you organize your notes better, particularly when creating vibrant spreads.
  • Small Scissors: You’ll want these for cutting tickets, maps, or photos to add to your journal.
  • Glue Stick: Perfect for pasting keepsakes without mess.
  • Washi Tape: These decorative tapes are great for adding style and color to your pages.
  • Portable Printer: If you like including photos, a mini printer lets you print directly from your phone.
  • Mini Stapler: Useful for attaching loose papers or tickets into your journal.
  • Highlighters: They’re great for emphasizing important details or dates in your planner.
  • Stickers and Stamps: Add flair to your pages with travel-themed stickers and stamps.
  • Backup Battery: Keep a small power bank with you so you can charge devices on the go during your packing process.
  • Compact Watercolor Set: If you enjoy painting, a travel-sized watercolor kit lets you capture scenes in color for your 2024 bullet journal.
  • Pencil Case: Get one big enough to hold all these school supplies together so nothing gets lost in your bag.

Each item serves a purpose. From keeping memories alive with photos to highlighting the joyous parts of travel with colorful washes of paint. With these essentials, my bullet journal becomes more than just notes; it’s a canvas of my journey sprinkled with creativity and organization at every step.

Bujo Adventure Journal: Chronicles of Your Travel

I love keeping a travel journal; it doubles as a writing journal for my thoughts and experiences. It helps me capture every fun moment of my journey.

Here’s how I do it:

  • Start with the date and location at the top of each page. This keeps my memories in order.
  • Write a short summary of the day’s events. I include where I went, what I saw, and who I met.
  • Use bullet points for quick thoughts or moments you don’t want to forget, and add some unique elements such as stickers and photos to enhance your entries. This could be a funny sign or an unexpected wildlife sighting during world travel.
  • Add ticket stubs, postcards, and other paper memorabilia using clear tape or glue sticks. They bring my words to life.
  • Sketch landmarks or scenes that caught my eye. My drawings don’t have to be perfect; they’re just for me in my planner bullet journal.
  • Mark special meals or dishes tried on the trip with descriptions of flavors and settings. Sometimes, I stick in a restaurant business card too.
  • Write down phrases or words learned in the local language along with their meanings.
  • Reflect on personal feelings each day brought up by different experiences in your writing journal. It’s amazing to see how travel has changed me.

Next up: What essentials make up the perfect travel kit? Consider including unique journal ideas you’ve discovered on Etsy Finland. Consider including unique journal ideas you’ve discovered on Etsy Finland.

Must-Have Components for Your Travel Kit

For your travel kit, pack items that make planning fun and easy. Include a strong bag to hold everything, pick a durable diary for writing, grab pens and markers for drawing, use shapes to draw perfect lines and decorations, and don’t forget extras like tape and cute decals.

These things help you capture every adventure beautifully. Keep reading to learn how each item brings your travel stories to life.

Selection of a Kit Holder

Choosing the right kit holder is crucial. Look for one with sections and pen holders to keep everything organized. This makes it easy to find what I need, whether it’s a writing utensil, stickers, washi tape, tickets, photos,  or my adventure journal.

The holder needs to match the size of my journal closely, ensuring nothing gets lost or damaged while I’m on the move. I always say, ‘A well-organized travel journal kit sets you free’.

My travels have taught me that a good kit holder isn’t just about keeping things tidy; it’s about making sure that all my essential tools are at hand. Whether I’m jotting down notes in my leather notebook or adding stickers for labels, having a proper place for each item makes the process smoother. 

This approach saves time and lets me focus more on enjoying my journey rather than searching through an unorganized bag, thanks to customized travel labels.

Choice of Journal

Once you’ve chosen a kit holder, picking the right journal is your next step. The size of your diary should fit the type of trips you plan to take; consider using a soft-cover journal for flexibility.

If you’re off on long adventures, a bigger journal might be best to house your entire travel collection. For quick jaunts, something smaller could work well. This choice matters because it affects how much you can write and sketch during your travels.

For those just starting or wanting an easy option, consider getting a pre-made set. Places like Etsy have unique and custom kits that include everything from notepads to vegan leather covers and kraft paper inserts.

These sets make packing for any trip simple and ensure you won’t forget important journaling supplies like grid paper or art tools for drawing maps and scenes from your journey. A journal set is also very handy.

Variety of Writing and Drawing Tools

Quality pens make a big difference in my bullet journal. They help me write, draw, and organize my travel plans clearly. Here’s what I use:

  • Gel pens: These glide smoothly on paper and come in many colors. I use them to color-code my travel schedules and lists.
  • Fine liners: Perfect for precise lines and small writing in your bullet-style journal. I often use these for making detailed maps or sketches of places I visit.
  • Highlighters: Great for emphasizing important information like flight times or hotel bookings. The bright colors make these details easy to find.
  • Pencils: Good for sketching quick ideas or plans that might change. I can easily erase mistakes or updates without leaving marks, which is especially useful when adding or re-arranging journaling stickers.
  • Markers: Thick markers are useful for creating headers or decorating pages with bold lettering on bullet journal printables.
  • Brush pens: They have a tip that mimics a paintbrush, ideal for adding artistic touches to my pages or practicing calligraphy.

I also use stickers to highlight special events or places I want to remember. Stickers add personality to my journal and help point out key moments from my travels.

This variety supports all my writing and drawing needs, making each page unique and helpful for planning adventures, tracking finances, and documenting memories from trips around the world.

bullet journal spread for December that has a calendar on it and various holiday images

Assortment of Stencils

As I pack my kit, I always include a variety of stencils. A bujo starter kit can also be very useful. These stencils help me design and lay out my pages easily.

Here’s why I carry them:

  • They speed up my design process. I can create neat layouts and designs without spending too much time.
  • Stencils make my pages look professional. My drawings and headings come out crisp and clean.
  • They allow for creativity on the go. With stencils, I can decorate my journal wherever I am, be it on a train or sitting in a cafe.
  • Stencils are great for tracking my adventures. I use them to mark dates, list sights seen, and track expenses quickly.
  • They fit easily into my journaling pouch with bigger pockets, making them easy to carry along with other supplies.

I picked stencils that offer shapes, letters, and patterns based on what inspires me most about travel journaling. Whether it’s vintage ephemera designs for documenting old-world charm or tracker shapes for keeping tabs on travel expenses, each stencil serves a purpose.

For fellow journal enthusiasts looking to bring their skills along during travels, consider adding an assortment of stencils to your kit. They’re small but mighty tools that enhance your journal’s functionality and appearance significantly.

Range of Art Supplies and Accessories

Creating the perfect kit means choosing a  range of accessories that make documenting your adventures fun and easy. I always include items that add color, texture, and personality to my pages.

  • Washi tape  can bring your travel notes to life: These decorative tapes come in endless designs. I use them to border pages, stick in mementos, or just decorate.
  • Stickers: From journal stickers to travel stickers, they quickly theme a page without much work, making them one of the best in unique or custom bullet journal supplies.
  • Scissors: A small pair is handy for cutting washi tape, photos, or anything else I want to include in my journal.
  • HP Sprocket: This portable printer lets me print photos directly from my phone. Instantly adding pictures keeps my memories vivid.
  • Colored pens and markers: Different colors help me organize thoughts and highlight important details.
  • Stencils: They’re great for drawing quick icons or shapes when I’m short on time or artistic skill.
  • Glue stick: For sticking in tickets, postcards, or other paper memorabilia.
  • Highlighters: Brightening key points or dates helps me spot them easily later on in my pages.
  • Clip-on book light: Reading and jotting down thoughts is easy at night with a little extra light.
  • Elastic bands: They keep my journal closed and secure while traveling, a practical travel gift idea.

These accessories turn a simple notebook into a vibrant travel notebook diary full of memories and moments. Each item adds something special to the experience of recording my journey, with travel planner stickers enhancing the personalization of my pages.

Designing a Travel Itinerary with Bullet journaling

Creating your travel itinerary using a bullet journal can be both fun and useful. A journaling kit helps you plan every part of your trip. You can map out when and where you’ll go, keep track of tickets and important papers, and make sure you enjoy every moment by using planner bullet journal tactics.

Your bullet journal is the perfect place to organize these plans. It’s like your personal guide that keeps all key information in one spot. So, start designing your journey on paper today and see how it brings peace of mind to your travels!

Scheduling Travel Time

I love planning trips in my bullet journal. It helps me see all my travel details at once.

  • Choose a clear start and end date for your trip. I mark these first, using my favorite stationery.
  • Write down the time of each flight, train ride, or car journey next to the dates.
  • Use different colors or symbols to highlight arrival and departure times, possibly using travel planner stickers for better clarity. This makes it easy to spot them quickly.
  • Add buffer time between activities or travel segments. This extra time accounts for any delays or rest stops.
  • List the address and contact info of where you’re staying right after your travel time. Having this handy saves you from searching later on.
  • Include a section for backup travel options in case plans change unexpectedly. I always prepare for surprises.
  • Check transportation schedules ahead of time and note any changes a week before leaving.

With these steps, I keep all my travel timing organized and avoid stress while on an adventure!

Organizing Tickets and Essential Documents

Traveling means keeping track of lots of papers. My bullet journal helps me stay on top of them all. Here’s how:

  • Dedicate a section in your journal for travel documents. This space is just for your flight info, hotel confirmations, and event tickets.
  • Use envelope pages to store physical copies. I stick envelopes into my journal pages to hold tickets and other small school supplies, sometimes adding printable stickers for personalization. They hold tickets and important papers safely, often using journaling stickers for quick identification, making it handy for world travel.
  • Create a checklist page for essential documents in your journal using list dot format. Before my trip, I list what I need like passport, visa, and insurance info.
  • Mark ticket purchase dates on your calendar spread. This reminds me when to buy or confirm seats for flights and shows, which I note on the first page.
  • Track your confirmation numbers in one spot within your bullet journal. I keep all my booking numbers here so they’re easy to find.
  • Note down contact information for each booking in a dedicated travel planner.  Documenting phone numbers and emails for hotels or tours helps if plans change.

This system turns my trip planning into a travel command center!

a bullet journal open with items listed to track your financials

Financial Tracking During Your Travels

I use my bullet journal to keep track of all my spending while I’m traveling, just like in a well-organized travel scrapbook or sticker book. This helps me stay on budget using various bullet journal templates. Every time I buy something, whether it’s a meal or a souvenir, I write down the cost .

This way, I can see how much money I’ve spent each day using dot symbols in my journal.

Adding up my expenses daily in my writing journal makes planning easier for the rest of my trip. If I spend too much one day, I try to spend less the next day to balance things out. By keeping an eye on my budget this way, it’s easier to avoid running out of money before my adventure ends.

Now let’s move on to documenting those unforgettable memories.

Journaling Travel and Documenting Memories

Creating a bullet journal turns all your trips into stories worth telling again and again. Each page becomes a canvas for the places I visit, things I see, and experiences that shape me, enhanced with travel journal supplies.

With art supplies, stickers for journals, and printable planner pages, it’s easy to bring colors and life to these stories, especially with a junk journal kit or a creative bullet journal. I sketch landmarks, paste photos, and jot down thoughts that turn moments into lasting memories, keeping everything in my leather travel journal.

To reduce travel anxiety, I keep my adventures organized with lists of sights to see and foods to try in my planner digital journal. Updating my master bucket list in this journal keeps me excited for future travels.

Using scrapbook stickers and journaling travel highlights helps me relive every adventure long after coming home. This process not only preserves memories but also inspires my next journey around the world.

Reflections and Planning With Post-Trip Bullet Journaling

After jotting down all the fun moments in my journal, I turn to reflect and plan for future adventures. This shift from documenting to reflecting helps me see what worked well and what didn’t on my trip.

I update my master bucket list in my travel diary, crossing off places I’ve visited and adding new ones that caught my eye, often noting them in my travel book. This process isn’t just about memories; it’s a vital part of travel planning.

It cuts down anxiety for upcoming trips because I have a clear map of what excites me next, all laid out in my travel bullet journal.

I also review packing lists from past voyages to tweak them for the future. If I packed too much or too little, I note adjustments in my bullet-style diary. This keeps everything organized and ensures I don’t forget essentials on new journeys.

By revisiting these plans in my soft-cover journal, armed with a variety of writing tools and stickers, every trip becomes smoother than the last. My bullet journal serves as both a treasure chest of memories and a toolkit for adventure planning, helping me get ready faster each time with less worry.

bullet journal spread about what was seen during a day hike with some plants laying on the side of the page


Using a bullet journal brings your trip dreams into focus. A journal travel kit assists in packing smart and keeping track of all your adventures. With the right holder, diary, pens, and decorations, you’re set for any journey.

Why not share your travel stories on Instagram? Grab your kit and start planning today! 

What are some of your favorite Travel Spread Bullet Journal tips? Please share them with the community below in the comments section. Still have some questions? Please leave them below and I will get back to them as soon as I can.


1. What do I need to make a bullet journal travel kit?

To make your kit, gather journal supplies like a spiral notebook or an A5 journal, planner stickers, pastel-colored pens, and printable bullet journal templates.

2. How can I use my bullet journal while traveling?

Use your journal to plan your trips by creating packing lists, tracking your adventures in a travel log, and decorating pages with travel-themed stickers and scrapbooking items.

3. Where can I find unique supplies for my travel bullet journal?

Look on Etsy for unique or custom items such as personalized notebooks, digital bullet journals with privacy settings adjusted for sharing, and special planner bullets designed for world travelers.

4. Can I create a digital version of my travel bullet journal?

Yes! A journal cover can protect your memories and ideas. You can create a digital version using printable PDFs of bullet-style journals or templates available online. This makes it easy to keep everything organized on devices while traveling.

5. What are some creative ways to decorate my travel journal?

Decorate your travel journal with adventure book-style covers, use planner stickers that match your destinations, add photos from your travels into the pages along with colorful writing and drawing notes about each place you visit.

6. Is there a way to include memories besides writing in my bullet journey?

Yes! Include pockets or envelopes in your bujo starter kit to hold tickets and other small memorabilia from your travels; also consider incorporating sections dedicated to scrapbooking within the pages of your leather-bound traveler’s journal.

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