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10 Best Lighting Accessories For Your Bullet Journaling Space In 2023

10 Best Lighting Accessories For Your Bullet Journaling Space


Welcome to Bujo Center, where yes, I like to write about how to bujo better, but I also like to write about different ideas or items you might not think about. In this article, I am shining a light on an essential aspect of the perfect bullet journaling creative space; lighting accessories for your creative space. When you think of bullet journal essentials you think of items like brush pens, fountain pens, or washi tape, your favorite journals, or your favorite pencil case to round out your bullet journal kit.

You never think of the lighting of your area, but it is so important. It is always best to have your own creative space, but if not, you can pick a corner in your house or apartment, and with a couple of items make it feel great. This will help you create a mood, and bring out your deepest thoughts into your bujo spread.

Good lighting and bullet journal supplies can not only make your bujo spreads come alive, but also provide a comfortable and conducive environment to unleash your creativity. I compiled a list of the 10 best lighting accessories that will transform your bullet journaling creative space into an inspiring haven for productivity and self-expression.

Top 10 Best Lighting Accessories For Your Bullet Journaling Space

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Comparison Table


Special Feature
Strawberry Light
Energy Efficient, Dimmable, Flexible, Rechargeable, Color Changing
Silicone Mushroom Light
Energy Efficient, Dimmable
Glass Vintage Mushroom Lamp
Decorations, Home Decor
Stripe White
Lava Lamp
Color Changing
Sunset Projection Lamp
180-degree rotation, multicolor, app
Book Lamp
Good Vibes Neon Sign
Cool to touch, easy to install
Bunny Light
Color changing, Portable, Cordless, Rechargeable
Glass Dome Mushroom Lamp
Eye catching, conversation piece, easy to clean
Gaming Room Light
6 brightness level, easy to hang, cool to touch

Change The Mood, Color, And Brightness Of Your Creative Space With This Piece Of Fruit.


  • Energy-efficient and rechargeable
  • Color changing capability
  • Flexible design for easy placement
  • Modern style adds a decorative touch to any room
  • Dimmable settings for customizable ambiance
  • USB connectivity for convenient charging.

The Strawberry Light by LVOERTUIG is the perfect addition to any creative space, especially for those who love to bullet journal. I’m always keeping my eyes open for that creative lighting piece that provides function and comfort for my creative space. I have seen numerous products like this in my journey, but this one truly stands out. Not only does it boast an adorable strawberry design made from soft silicone material that could add a touch of whimsy and charm to your workspace, but it also offers practical functionality with its USB charging port and energy-efficient LED light bulb.

One reason why I picked The Strawberry Light as my No. 1 choice is that it provides three different lighting modes (high, middle, low) that you can easily toggle through using the touch switch feature. This allows you to find the ideal level of brightness for your needs while you’re crafting intricate bullet journal spreads or doodling artistic designs in your bujo late at night.

Moreover, with its color-changing capabilities and stress-relieving soft-touch texture on the silicone surface, The Strawberry Light creates a calming ambiance making it more than just an essential lighting accessory but also an inspiring addition to any creative endeavors. With minimal effort, you can change your surroundings into an inspired filled creative space.

The Strawberry Light delivers on both style and substance which makes it the ultimate gift option for friends or family members looking to elevate their artistic spaces for better productivity during nighttime work sessions. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or as a present for someone else, the LVOERTUIG’s Strawberry Night Light will not disappoint!



  • Application: The LVOERTUIG Strawberry Night Light is perfect for using in a variety of settings, such as the bedroom, living room, or any other space you want to add some warmth and charm. Plus, it comes beautifully packaged, making it an awesome gift option for friends and family members.
  • 3 Modes and Touch Switch: With its innovative touch switch feature, this cute silicone strawberry lamp can be easily transformed with just one tap! It has three different modes – high, medium, and low, allowing you to adjust the light levels according to your needs at any time of day or night.
  • USB Charging Port: This LED color-changing lamp uses a low-voltage USB charging port which makes it extremely energy efficient. Moreover, because of its superior build quality and design; it stays cool even after prolonged use. You can enjoy its soft lighting without worrying about how long you keep it on!
  • Material Quality: The silicone material used in making this cute little gadget ensures that it’s flexible enough so that if dropped or bumped into anything hard surfaces; there’s zero chance of damage being caused.


  • Versatile application: suitable for various rooms and occasions
  • Adjustable modes and touch switch: easy to use and customizable according to preference
  • USB charging port: energy-efficient and safe with a cool light output
  • Adorable gift idea: appealing appearance that doubles as an ornament, makes a perfect present for different people in your life.


  • May not be suitable as the primary light source in a room
  • The size may be smaller than some users expect

Soft Glow That Can Set The Perfect Ambiance And Feel Of Nature In One


  • Energy efficient with LED light source and dimmable feature
  • Cute mushroom design made of soft silicone material
  • Multicolor lighting option for a fun and playful ambiance
  • Comes with remote control for convenience in adjusting brightness and color
  • USB connectivity for easy power source access
  • Suitable for various room types, including bedroom and living room as a night light

The Silicone Mushroom Light is an irresistible addition to your bullet journaling creative space or any room needing a touch of whimsy. This multicolor night light not only offers charm with its adorable mushroom shape, but it also provides a soft glow that can set the perfect ambiance for a late-night bullet journal session. The BPA-free silicone lampshade and rubber wood base ensure that the product is safe and eco-friendly.

As my No. 2 pick in lighting accessories, this dimmable LED night lamp has many great features such as four different light modes and a remote control for easy adjustment between 16 color options. With eye-protective glare-free illumination, you can count on this energy-saving Mushroom night light to provide just the right brightness without disturbing your concentration or sleep when used in your bedroom or creative space. Plus, the built-in 800 mAh battery (power by USB socket) makes it convenient for both portability and long-term use. You can place it anywhere, and it never has to stay just there.

Overall, adding this cute Silicone Mushroom light will surely enhance your creativity during those late-night bullet journal brainstormings while providing a relaxing atmosphere to unwind after a busy day of reflection and inspiration! Also because of its cool running dome, this could be great for sticky notes if it’s in arms reach.



  • Stylish Design: The Silicone Mushroom night light boasts a cute mushroom shape that adds a touch of whimsy to any room. Its glare-free illumination provides eye-protection great for using while bullet journaling.
  • Easy-to-Use Controls: With 4 light modes and 16 different color options, this LED night lamp offers endless lighting possibilities. You can effortlessly switch between different colors and modes using the wireless remote control included with the lamp.
  • Durable Material: Made from high-quality BPA-free soft silicone material and rubberwood base, this night light is highly durable and long-lasting. It’s also energy-saving as it comes with an 800 mAh battery built-in which charges via USB socket.
  • Versatile Placement: With its compact size, you can place this night lamp virtually anywhere. On your bedside table, creative space, or even in the living room when you are entertaining or watching a movie.
  • Dimmable & Remote Controlled: This Silicone Mushroom Night Light is dimmable so you can adjust the brightness according to your needs. Additionally, you can operate it remotely without having to get up from bed, making it super easy to use!


  • Offers 16 modes with a remote control, including 4 light modes for easy adjustment
  • Adorable mushroom shape with glare-free illumination and eye protection soft light
  • Made of BPA-free soft silicone lampshape and rubber wood base, energy-saving with a built-in battery and USB power socket


  • USB plug not included, needs to be purchased separately
  • Only one light board inside instead of individual bulbs
  • Remote control required for full functionality so an issue if lost

Relive Nostalgia with Vintage Style Mushroom Lamp


  • Vintage-inspired design adds a touch of charm to any décor
  • Made with high-quality UL E12 Socket and glass materials for durability and longevity
  • LED light source provides energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination
  • Stripe white color adds a modern yet classic look to any space
  • Perfect for indoor use in offices, living rooms, creative space, or dining areas
  • Mushroom shape and art deco style make it an eye-catching centerpiece of any room

The Glass Vintage Mushroom Lamp is the perfect addition to any creative space, especially for those looking to enhance their bullet journaling experience. This elegant table lamp is hand-blown with white striped Murano glass and features a unique mushroom shape inspired by the popular designs of the 1970s. The wavy stripes and subtle bubble streamline add a touch of sophistication, making it ideal for ambient lighting in bedrooms or living areas.

The warm E12 LED bulb emits a cozy glow that’s easy on your eyes while you work on your bullet journal spreads, ensuring comfort during long hours spent creating beautiful pages. Not only does this BSOD Mushroom Lamp beautify your workspace, but its high-end ceramic glass also comes toxin-free and safe around children, an essential requirement in any home environment. Additionally, its simple yet functional design allows you to effortlessly control illumination with just one button.

Ranked as my No. 3 choice due to its striking design and practicality, this Glass Vintage Mushroom Lamp offers both aesthetic appeal and efficient functionality within any personal space. You’ll love how this versatile bedside lamp adds character to your room while providing soft ambient light for a serene atmosphere. So go ahead, treat yourself (or gift someone special) with this charming lighting accessory that enhances both creativity and relaxation alike!



  • Hand-Blown Glass: Crafted from high-end ceramic glass, this vintage mushroom lamp features a unique and delicate bubble streamline design that adds an unparalleled level of elegance to any space. Not only is the material non-toxic and safe for your health, but it also ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Warm White E12 LED Bulb: With a warm light effect, this product can create a soothing ambiance in any room. Plus, the easy-to-use button switch makes it simple to control the 110v power. And because of its classic E12 socket base, you have endless opportunities to explore different bulbs like smart colorful dimmable ambient lights, making customization easier than ever!
  • Stripe White Design: The stripe white pattern on this mushroom lamp makes for an exquisite addition to your home decor. It has a medieval touch with small mushroom shape plus clearly visible wavy stripes which will bring undeniable charm wherever you place it.
  • Easy-To-Install: Installation couldn’t be simpler! This lamp’s plug is designed according to American Standard requirements; hence no need for additional adapters or transformers, just plug in and get started!


  • Adds a touch of vintage style to any room: With its unique design, the Glass Vintage Mushroom Lamp adds a touch of medieval charm to any indoor space.
  • Durable and high-quality construction: Made with hand-blown white striped glass and high-end ceramic materials, this lamp is built to last without turning yellow like plastic lamps.
  • Easy installation and versatile use: This product can be quickly and easily installed in bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, offices, and creative spaces as a decoration or ambient light source.


  • Only comes with a warm white E12 LED bulb, so customers will have to purchase additional bulbs separately if they want different lighting effects.
  • Vintage design might not be appealing to everyone’s taste.

Mesmerizing motion lighting for a retro touch in every space.


  • Color-changing feature for a visually captivating experience
  • Classic style that adds a touch of retro charm to any room
  • Large dimensions at 27″D x 4″W x 14.5″H make it a statement piece in any space
  • Bold yellow and purple color scheme stands out and grabs attention
  • Brand reputation of Lamp ensures quality and reliability
  • Provides a calming and relaxing atmosphere with its gentle, flowing movement

The Lava Lite lava lamp is a fantastic addition to any creative space, providing an atmosphere of relaxation and inspiration. This iconic lighting accessory, featuring a silver base with yellow wax floating in purple liquid, brings the perfect balance between retro style and modern design. Measuring at 14.5 inches tall, it fits well on your desk or shelf without taking up too much valuable workspace while you design your bujo or art journal.

Not only does this lava lamp offer visual appeal, but it excels in functionality as well. It easily plugs into a standard household electrical outlet and comes equipped with an on/off switch for instant illumination. The constant movement of the mesmerizing wax creates a dynamic yet calming ambiance that helps awaken your creativity during long sessions with your bullet journal. Furthermore, Lava Lite’s UL-tested and certified construction ensures safety while decorating your creative space with its captivating light display.

The Lava Lite lava lamp is perfect for those looking to enhance their bullet journaling workspace with both stylish design and a soothing ambiance. Its ease of use coupled with its unique aesthetic make it an excellent choice for artists seeking additional inspiration from their surroundings as they craft their personal masterpieces within their journals.

Having a tough day? Need to clear your mind? Sit back in your favorite office chair, set the lighting just right in your creative space, and watch the Laval Lite lava lamp wax constantly form and reform into emotional bliss.



  • Instant Relaxation: Transform any living space into a tranquil oasis with the mesmerizing motion of the Lava Lamp. Sit back, unwind and let yourself be hypnotized by the soothing flow of yellow wax in purple liquid.
  • Retro Style & Grace: Embrace your inner 70s kid with this timeless icon of retro style and grace. Perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to your home, bedroom, office, or creative space.
  • Easy to Use: The Lava Lamp plugs into any standard household electrical outlet and comes with an on/off switch for effortless operation. UL Tested and Certified for safety, so you can relax knowing you’re using a quality product.
  • Versatile Lighting: Whether you’re looking to create ambiance in your living room or set the mood in your bedroom, the lamps range from 11″ tall to an impressive 27″. Choose the perfect size for your space and experience the magic of glitter spinning around the globe.
  • Energy Efficient & Convenient: The Lava Lamp requires only a 25-watt light bulb (included), making it energy-efficient while still providing just the right amount of soft lighting to illuminate any room instantly with just a flip of a switch.


  • Instantly create a retro vibe in any room with the timeless style of the Lava Lamp
  • Enjoy relaxing and mesmerizing movement as glitter swirls in colorful liquid with an easy flip of a switch
  • Create the perfect ambiance for your home, bedroom, office, or creative space with lamps ranging from 11” to 27” tall
  • Rest assured that your Lava Lamp is safe and UL certified, featuring a convenient on/off switch and included light bulb for easy use


  • May not be suitable for those with sensitivity to flashing lights
  • Requires a light bulb replacement when burned out
  • Can get hot to the touch after extended use

Captivating Rainbow And Sunset Effects Into A Relaxing Oasis


  • Creates a relaxing and romantic environment
  • Suitable for various settings
  • Can be used as an alarm light

Transform your bullet journal space into a relaxing oasis with the Tsrarey Sunset Projection Lamp. This lamp features 180-degree rotation for captivating rainbow and sunset effects, using three primary colors of natural light and diodes to reflect the calming hues of the setting sun. It is the perfect addition to your bullet journal routine, helping you reduce stress and create a peaceful atmosphere to focus on your thoughts and creativity.

The Tsrarey Sunset Projection Lamp comes with an app that includes features such as color matching, voice control, DIY modes, and a timer. It can even double as an alarm light to wake you up gently with the warm glow of a sunrise.

The Tsrarey Sunset Projection Lamp is a versatile and visually stunning addition to your journaling setup. It creates a relaxing and romantic environment, suitable for various settings such as your living room, bedroom, or creative space. Additionally, it is easy to use with a long service life, making it a great gift for Mother’s Day or other occasions.



  • 180-degree adjustable aluminum alloy universal joint shaft
  • 5V USB power supply with 1.5 meters long cable
  • App features include color matching, voice control, DIY modes, and timer


  • Soothes the mood and helps with depression and stress
  • Great to use during the winter months to life your mood
  • Easy to use with a long service life


  • App may not work properly for some users
  • Some colors may not be as vibrant as expected

Charming Wooden Book Light for Stylish Home Decor


  • Rechargeable for convenience and sustainability
  • Modern style for aesthetic appeal
  • 3 color options to match any decor
  • Compact size of 8.6″D x 4.3″W x 5.7″H for easy placement
  • Versatile use as both a lamp and a book holder
  • High-quality brand: Vergissm

The Vergissm Wooden Book Light is the perfect addition to any creative space, especially for those who love to bullet journal. Its unique design and portability make it an essential lighting accessory that not only serves a functional purpose but adds a touch of artistic flair as well. Equipped with three color modes – white light, yellow light, and warm yellow light, this versatile LED book lamp can easily adapt to your preferred ambiance while working on your own bullet journal notebook or simply enjoying a relaxing night in.

One of the standout features of this folding book lamp is its rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4-6 hours when fully charged. No need to worry about replacing batteries constantly; just plug it into any USB outlet and watch it come to life! The strong magnetic closure allows the lamp to rotate 360 degrees, giving you options, depending on your settings and how you want it displayed, either placed flat on your desk or absorbed onto a magnetic wall as a charming nightlight. The compact size (5.7×4.3×1 inches) also makes it easy for anyone who’s always on the go.

The Vergissm Wooden Book Light is an excellent choice if you’re looking for distinctive lighting accessories that combine practicality with style. Not only will this folding book lamp make your bullet journaling experience more pleasurable and inspiring, but it can also serve as a thoughtful birthday gift or home decor piece for friends and family members who appreciate innovative designs coupled with functionality.



  • Home Decor: The Vergissm Wooden Book Light is not just a lamp, it’s also a beautiful decorative piece for your home or office. It adds coziness and sophistication to any room where you place it.
  • Rechargeable Book Lamp: No need to buy batteries anymore! This book lamp comes with a USB charger that allows you to charge it anywhere using your laptop, power bank, or wall adapter. Plus, after fully charged, the battery can last up to 6 hours of continuous use.
  • Folding and Portable: With its compact size (5.7*4.3*1.0inch), this folding book light is perfectly portable and easy to carry around wherever you go, from camping trips to long flights, so you can always have your favorite reading companion by your side.
  • 3 Colors Book Lights: Thanks to its unique design, this book light features three different colors of illumination that allow you to adjust the brightness level according to your preference and mood. Pick from cold light for bright daylight, warm yellow light for cozy evenings, or orange light for autumnal ambiance.
  • Upgraded Material: Made with high-quality redwood shell and tear-resistant paper pages that add an artistic flair when in use as well as offering durable construction ensures long-lasting enjoyment from this innovative decoration/lamp combination item.


  • Adds style and elegance to any room as a unique home decor piece
  • Conveniently rechargeable with a universal USB, allowing for 4 – 6 hours of use after full charge
  • Portable and versatile design allows it to be used on desktops or as a night light on magnetic walls
  • Offers 3 enjoyable color options (cold light, warm yellow light, orange light) suitable for various environments


  • Only 3 color options are available
  • USB charger included but no wall adapter
  • Battery life lasts for 4 – 6 hours only

Transform Your Space with Radiant Good Vibes!


  • Eye-catching pink neon sign
  • Positive “Good Vibes” message for uplifting atmosphere
  • Made from durable plastic material
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Perfect decoration for creative space, bedroom, living room, or office
  • Adds a trendy and modern touch to any space

The Good Vibes Neon Sign is an excellent addition to your creative space, transforming the ambiance with its vibrant pink glow. As someone who loves lighting accessories for my bullet journaling nook, I can attest that this LED neon sign truly lives up to its name by spreading positive vibes all around. The 16.1 x 8.3 inch size is just right for any wall in your room or workstation at the office.

Olekki’s Pink Good Vibes Neon Sign has many features that set it apart from traditional glass neon signs, making it a worthwhile investment! Its eco-friendly LED tubes are not only durable (lasting for at least 60,000 hours) but also completely safe to touch as they don’t heat up like old-style neon lights. Installing this sign is incredibly simple since it comes with a clear contour-cut backing and two pre-drilled holes; just hang it on a wall and switch on the power using the provided USB cord (5.9ft/1.8m). Plus, their one-year warranty and 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy add extra peace of mind.

This good vibes sign makes a great gift option too, perfect for friends or family members who enjoy having unique decor items with a cool vintage vibe! So why wait? Does this sign fit your aesthetic? Bring some dazzling color and positive energy into your life today with Olekki’s Pink Good Vibes Neon Sign!



  • SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE: Save your hard-earned money and elevate the ambiance of your space with this affordable Olekki Pink Good Vibes Neon Sign. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with the one-year warranty and 30-day no-reasons refunds policy.
  • PERFECT DÉCOR & AMAZING GIFT: Add a touch of personal style to any room or give a unique gift that will make someone’s day extra special. The Good Vibes Neon Sign is perfect for wall decor in creative spaces, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and more!
  • SAFE & DURABLE: No need to worry about old-style glass neon signs that generate heat. This eco-friendly LED sign has tubes that are safe to touch so you can enjoy it without any risk of burns or accidents. With its durable design powered by USB cord (5.9ft/1.8m), this neon light sign lasts up to 60,000 hours!
  • INSTALL IN A BREEZE: Easy installation means you can move it around anytime without leaving marks on walls or damaging surfaces! You’ll appreciate how simple it is to mount this high-quality clear backing with pre-drilled holes, all without using stick hooks.


  • Affordable way to upgrade your space
  • Perfect decoration for any dull room
  • Safe and durable LED technology with 60,000 hours lifespan
  • Easy installation on walls for instant magical ambiance


  • May not be as bright as traditional glass neon signs
  • USB power adapter not included
  • Stick hook for mounting not included

Tap Control Adorable Lamp Provides The Perfect Atmosphere To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing


  • Color changing feature
  • Portable and cordless
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Cute bunny shape design
  • LED light source technology

The Bunny Light by Mubarek is a game changer for those looking to create a cozy and inviting creative space for bullet journaling. With 16 different colors, this adorable lamp provides the perfect atmosphere to get your creative juices flowing. Not only does it offer an aesthetically pleasing design that complements any workspace, but its tap control feature allows you to easily switch between white light mode, color-changing mode, and standby mode—perfect for setting the right vibe when working on your bullet journal.

One of my favorite features of the Bunny Light is how portable and convenient it is. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours, making it perfect for working late into the night without worrying about disturbing anyone else in your household with bright overhead lights. Additionally, the soft silicone material makes this cute lamp safe and child-friendly. A great option if you want a versatile lighting accessory that can also double as a comforting night light for little ones or an attractive room decor piece! If you’re in search of something unique yet functional to jazz up your bullet journaling space or even give as a gift to a fellow creative enthusiast, I highly recommend trying out Mubarek’s Bunny Light. You won’t be disappointed!



  • Tap Control: With just a tap on the squishy bunny surface, you can switch between normal white light mode, 7 color-changing light modes, and standby mode.
  • Long Lasting Companion: This rechargeable light can easily be moved from room to room or even with in a room to change things up. It supports up to 10 hours of portable use with its battery life.
  • Feel one with nature: With this light you can update your aesthetic in your room to help it breath more creativity. This light can be the beginning of a whole new vibe.


  • Tap control for easy use and 7 color changing modes to reduce anxiety and provide a calming experience
  • Long-lasting battery life of up to 10 hours for portable use throughout the night
  • Safe and child-friendly silicone material with certifications for peace of mind


  • May not be bright enough for adults or older children who need a stronger light
  • The battery life may not last all night if used continuously on the color-changing mode
  • Some users may find it difficult to tap the surface of the lamp to switch between modes

Transform Your Home into a Magical Wonderland with This Mushroom Lamp


  • Gorgeous design featuring a glass dome and wood base for an elegant, natural look
  • LED light source that provides energy-efficient, long-lasting illumination
  • Remote control included for easy on/off and dimming of the lamp’s brightness
  • Ideal decorative piece to add warmth and ambiance to any space in your home or garden

The Glass Dome Mushroom Lamp is a delightful addition to any creative space, offering not only an enchanting aesthetic but also practical illumination. Ideal for lighting up your bullet journaling workspace, this charming mushroom lamp features an LED light encased in a quality glass dome with a natural wood base. The intricate details such as clay mushrooms and latex-bonded lawn make it stand out from other ordinary lamps, and the warm glow it emits perfectly complements your artistic endeavors.

The Glass Dome Mushroom Lamp amplifies both functionality and whimsy to suit diverse preferences, whether you’re simply looking for unique lighting accessories or require something captivating to enhance your creative area while you work on bullet journals throughout late-night hours. I find this lamp also helps with my anxiety when I am having a stressful day. Check out Third Eye Wellness if you want to learn more about other types of mushrooms to help focus your mind and unleash your creativity.



  • Lovely and Cute Design: Featuring a charming mushroom with lady beetle design, this glass dome mushroom lamp serves as an adorable fairy tale lamp. It also makes for the perfect themed party accessory, adding a lovely touch to your living space.
  • Versatile Applications: Whether you want to decorate your living room, bedroom, creative space, or any other space in your home, this mushroom light is a wonderful addition that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • Quality Material: Made of high-quality glass, wood base, clay mushroom, and latex-bonded lawn materials along with LED lamp strings (batteries not included), this mushroom decor is sturdy and reliable to use while being easy to clean.
  • Appropriate Size: This glass dome with base measures approximately 5.91 x 3.54 x 3.54 inches in size. Just the right dimensions for easy application anywhere in your home while keeping it light enough for effortless placement.
  • Ideal Gift Choice: Looking for the perfect gift idea? Look no further than this beautiful Glass Dome Mushroom Lamp! It makes an excellent gift choice for family members, friends, or teachers who appreciate lovely decor items that add warmth and coziness to their homes.


  • Cute and vivid design adds a lovely touch to any room or themed party
  • Made with quality materials that are sturdy, reliable, and easy to clean
  • Versatile applications as both a home decoration and a gift for friends and family
  • Proper size and light weight make it convenient to use in various settings


  • Handmade, so size and color may vary slightly
  • Glass dome is not attached to the base
  • Batteries are not included

Elevate Your Creative Decor With Neon Lights.


  • Wall mount design for easy installation
  • Made of durable polystyrene material
  • Eye-catching color scheme

As an avid gamer and creative professional, I found the Ferghana Dimmable Game Room Neon Sign to be the perfect addition to my personal space. This trendy and versatile Gaming Room Light is more than just a decorative piece. Its six brightness modes allow me to set the mood for gaming sessions, while also providing ample lighting for those late-night bullet journal or sketching marathons with my favorite dotted journal, and bullet journal supplies. The LED neon lights are not only visually appealing but also highly durable, able to withstand up to 10,000 hours of use at USB 5V.

What sets this light apart from others on the market is its simple yet reliable design made with premium materials. The thick PS backdrop ensures sturdiness, while silicone tubes keep it safe and quiet during operation. Installation is a breeze too; simply hang it using hooks and chains included in the package before connecting it via USB power. Trust me when I say that this stylish Playstation Led Neon Lights Sign has become one of my favorite conversation pieces among friends who share my passion for gaming and creativity.

If you’re looking for a functional yet cool lighting accessory to enhance your creative space or game room décor, don’t hesitate to choose Ferghana’s Gaming Room Light. Its sleek retro look combined with modern technology make it an ideal gift option for fellow gamers or teens searching for something unique and practical that represents their love for gaming culture.



  • Easy To Use: Hang up the neon sign with ease using the included hooks and chain, connect the USB power, and turn on the switch. No complicated installation required! This will instantly light up your gaming room or creative space with a cool vintage vibe.
  • Premium & Safe Material: Made with 0.2 inches thicker PS backdrop material compared to acrylics makes it sturdier. The superior silicone materials ensure safety while usage making it quieter and more durable so that you can enjoy it for longer periods.
  • 6 Brightness Modes: With six types of brightness settings available, you can customize the lighting according to your preference by simply pressing “+” or “-” buttons on the controller provided along with its middle button being the switch which enables easy operation saving time energy on setting up tedious controls.
  • Light Up Signs For Wall Decor: Even without lights turned on these colored LED tubes in neon signs are fascinating as decoration pieces in any living space whether it be bedrooms or man caves instead of looking dull and boring adding fun into decor effortlessly.


  • Easy to hang and use with included hooks and USB power
  • Makes for an ideal gift for gamers, or creative types wanting to spice up their space
  • Made of sturdier PS backdrop material and superior silicone materials that make it safer, durable, quieter, and long-lasting
  • Comes equipped with 6 unique brightness modes to customize your lighting based on your preference


  • Requires a USB power source, which may limit placement options.
  • May not appeal to those who do not enjoy gaming or retro-style decor.
  • Higher price point compared to other wall decor options.

How To Choose The Right Lighting Accessories For Your Bullet Journaling Space

When choosing lighting accessories for your bullet journal creative space, consider the size of your workspace and your specific lighting needs to determine a budget and look for features that will enhance your experience. What kind of aesthetic are you trying to achieve? Fun and bright, or dim and moody, or both!

Consider The Space And Size

As a dedicated bullet journal enthusiast, it’s important to consider the space and size of your creative area when choosing lighting accessories and bullet journal supplies. A well-lit workspace can dramatically improve not only the quality of your spreads but also keep you in a productive and inspired state of mind.

Also what kind of spreads to you normally creative? Use a lot of washi tape? If so, you don’t need as bright as a lighting setup. Like to use a gel pen, or brush pen, when creating your spreads? Enjoy brush lettering? In that case, you will want to make sure you can alter the light to a brighter setting.

For example, if your bullet journaling setup is nestled within a cozy nook in your living room or bedroom, opting for adjustable desk lamps with built-in storage for your bullet journal supplies will prove helpful as they provide targeted light without overwhelming limited space.

On the other hand, if you’re fortunate enough to have an expansive home office dedicated to crafting beautiful bullet journals, floor lamps that emit warm ambient light from above and even smart LED strips placed around shelving units may be ideal options.

Think About Your Lighting Needs

I understand how important it is to have the right lighting in your creative space. It’s essential to consider your specific lighting needs when selecting the ideal accessories for your bullet journaling area.

Pay attention to how natural light affects your workspace throughout the day. Perhaps you need additional lighting in certain areas or at specific times. You could invest in an adjustable desk lamp that lets you direct light exactly where it’s needed, creating a well-lit atmosphere without causing eye strain.

Determine Your Budget

Before diving into the world of lighting accessories for your bullet journaling space, it’s essential to determine your budget. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend on illuminating your creative area will help narrow down your options and allow you to focus on finding the best quality items within that price range.

For instance, if you’re working with a limited budget, consider searching for discounted or gently used lighting options online at sites like eBay or your local thrift shop. An affordable option could be an LED desk lamp with adjustable brightness levels and multiple color temperatures.

On the other hand, if you have more funds to allocate toward sprucing up your workspace, explore higher-end solutions like flexible floor lamps or even smart light bulbs that can easily adjust their colors and brightness through an app. You can find a wide array on Amazon. So many options you can get lost, hence this list

Look For Features That Enhance Your Experience

When searching for lighting accessories to enhance your bullet journaling experience, look for features that cater to your specific needs. For instance, if you prefer minimalism in your journal spreads, go for a lightbox with adjustable brightness settings or a lamp with a dimmer switch.

Another feature to consider when choosing lighting accessories is portability and flexibility. If you like moving around while working on your bullet journal spreads, opt for lightweight lamps with a built-in battery that can be easily repositioned without disrupting your creative flow.

Additionally, choose lighting accessories with long cords or rechargeable batteries so that you have greater freedom of movement during use.


When it comes to creating a beautiful bullet journaling experience, lighting is key. We as a bullet journal community focus so much on the best bullet journal supplies, that we tend to forget about the space we want to create in. We will go crazy about our washi tape collection, but we forget we need to see them to really appreciate them!

Be it a desk, chair, or lighting, it is just as important as your favorite gel pens. By investing in the right accessories, you can not only create a space that inspires creativity but also uplifts your mood.

From color-changing Strawberry Lights to adorable Silicone Mushroom lights with remote controls, there are plenty of options available to add both style and functionality to your bullet journaling space. Remember there is a vast bullet journal community out there, so don’t hesitate to follow various bujoers on social media to get inspired in order to make your creative space feel great.

Found a favorite lighting option and it didn’t make the list? Please share it with the bullet journal community below in the comments section and I will look into it.

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